Swimsuit edition

I used to model a little for catalogs when I was younger but hadn’t done it for a while. Now I found myself a little short of rent money and it was just a few days till the end of the month, so I started looking around for ads online. Besides shop clerk work, which wouldn’t pay enough, I figured I would try to get some money modeling.

I responded to an ad and sent in a picture of myself. About 15 minutes later I got invited to participate in a trial photoshoot to become a photo model. It was that fast.

The next day I showed up at the studio and I was delighted to see that it was a nice studio with professional lighting.


“Welcome, I’m Joe” the photographer said. I liked his name because it would be quick to type if I later had to write down my memory of this day. It’s strange that I thought of that at the time, but it turned out very convenient.

“I’m Bo” I said back (also a conveniently short name, perfect for typing multiple times)

“nd that’s Hernandez” Joe said and pointed to the assistant “Just follow him and we can get started”

“Do you want something to drink?” Hernandez asked and I shook my head. I was nervous and just wanted to get started.

After changing I came back out and found myself in a small swimsuit, just as the ad had advertised.


I was surprised at being placed in an empty inflatable tub, like the one you would put in the garden as a cheap pool. I soon found out why, because they were going to use water as part of the shoot.

Besides Joe taking pictures and Hernandez doing small things here and there, another guy was there recording a video.

Hernandez carefully poured water into a bucket and I saw him checking that the temperature was comfortable. How nice. Then he came up and gently started pouring it over me to give me that “wet” look, meanwhile the photos and videos continued.


Joe gave me instructions and already having modeled before, I was used to this. I would almost automatically follow them.

“OK, so lie on your back and lean on your right arm, and look right, over here” Joe said and pointed.

He refocused to the camera as soon as he got me in an angle that he liked.


He continued re-arranging me with his words and after a while I ended up leaning back and my legs on either side of me.

“Yes, just like that” he said “stay like that”.

He took a lot of pictures here from different angles


After he was happy that he had enough pictures from this angle, he called for a break, but told me to stay in the tub, on account that I would make a mess if I got out.

Hernandez handed me a drink “Here’s a refreshment – it’s a gin and tonic”

I took a sip. “Whoa, tastes like you were out of tonic” I said.

“Yeah” Hernandez confirmed “We were out of tonic, so I used vodka instead”.

I was thirsty so I drank it anyway and relaxed a bit while the crew re-organized.

Joe showed me some of the pictures and this is the first time I saw just how transparent my swimsuit had become.


“Whoa, that’s like, totally … I don’t know”.

“Yeah, it’s good, right?” Joe said.

I didn’t know what to say. I knew he owned the photos and as he had explained before we started, I could purchase them at the cost of the three people for three hours as well as equipment and studio rent. It would come to just under $2400. I didn’t even have the $800 I needed for rent, let alone more than two thousand dollars. So there was no way I was going to buy those photos.

This trial was paid, but would just earn me $400. Nowhere near enough to buy back the photos.

I had no idea what to do, until Joe himself inadvertently presented me to a solution.

“Would you like to earn some extra by modeling with someone else?” he asked. “How much” I asked.

“Another $400” Joe said. It was not enough, but it would get me some of the way to buy back the photos, so I agreed.

Two surprises:
1. The other model was going to be Hernandez
2. He was going to be naked!


Not only that, he was “modeling” by touching my inner thigh. All fair’n’square I guess, but it was making me very uneasy – and then his cock right next to me.

He even “modeled” his cock right next to my pussy, although my pussy was still partly hidden behind the swimsuit. It was really getting very explicit.


“Ready to make another $400?” Joe asked “If we could just take your top down.”

I jumped at the opportunity! My swimsuit was see-through already so this was going to be the easiest $400 so far. I nodded. “But let Hernandez do it, though”. I nodded again.

He went behind me, lowered my swimsuit and also groped my boobs while Joe was taking more pictures.

image image

I don’t know what base this was or whether it would even fit into any baseball analogy, but it was certainly reminding a lot of sex, him being naked, having a definite boner and now groping my boobs.

“You up for another $400?” Joe asked. I almost nodded before hearing what he wanted this time. I was counting in my head. $400 for the trial, $400 for the co-model, $400 for the breasts. Another $400 would put me on $1600 and thus very close to the $2400.

“Give him a quick blowjob, that’s all, I’m sure you have done that plenty of times before”. I nodded, “Although never on camera” I giggled, but agreed nonetheless and put his cock in my mouth.


It turned his cock wasn’t already erect and it grew even more as I sucked it and it got harder.

He wasn’t about to cum, though and instead he looked over at Joe, who said. “I think Hernandez would want me to offer you another add-on. If you let him fuck you, I will add another $400” he said.

That wasn’t going to cut it. It would land me with not enough money to buy back the photos.

“$800” I said. We argued for a while, but they could hear that I was not budging. Finally they agreed. “OK, $800 it is!”


Finally – as he pushed his cock into my pussy with the camera rolling, I was having a feeling of relief, that I had finally earned enough money to buy back the photos.

Meanwhile, no one was thinking of anything in particular, just looking at me getting pounded by Hernandez who I had met only 20 minutes ago.

He pulled out in the last moment and came all over me – at no extra cost.


“Wow, you were good” Joe said “This session was amazing  – and you earned, let’s see … $2400!”

“I suppose you want to buy your photos back” Joe then said, realizing of course, that the $2400 corresponded with the amount he had previously said would be the cost.

“Hmm” I said and pondered for a while, then said “Nahh, I’ll take the $2400!”

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