Teacher Student Counselling

“As I was saying” the headmaster repeated “Ann is frustrated that you are interfering with her personal life. You are her teacher and should not be interfering outside of the class room”

Ann and her teacher, Mr. Henderson, had come to the headmasters office for counselling. For a long time they had problems in class because the Mr. Henderson would pick on her and would ask her questions of a private nature. It showed in her results.


“Now, none of us want to spend money on an expensive counselling session, so that’s why you have agreed to come here today and see if we can find the root of the problem here today” the headmaster continued.

“Ann and I have talked yesterday and she says you have been asking about whether she is sexually active. That is highly inappropriate and none of your business. More importantly – why are you asking that? Would there be something wrong with it if she was? She is an adult after all”.

The headmaster continued preaching. “Ann is an adult and you should encourage a healthy sex life. It’s good for her and should be nothing for you to disagree about. Now this has gone on far enough and if we cannot resolve this today, I am going to have to report this and you may very well lose your job.”

Mr. Henderson didn’t want that and was forced to listed to the headmaster go on.

“Rob, sit down here – now as I understand it, Mr. Henderson, you have actually never met Rob, is that right?”

Mr. Henderson nodded as Rob, a large dark man sat in the couch between them.

“Now Ann, just for this exercise, I would like you to start flirting with Rob”


So she did.

“Mr. Henderson, turn around and look at Ann flirting with Rob. This is perfectly natural and should not be anything you have to look away for.”

“Now, we are all adults here and we need to power through this – so Rob, please take your penis out – that’s good – and Ann, please don’t mind your teacher, he should mind his own business – now just go ahead and give him some head”.

For the first time Ann was a bit uncomfortable with this situation. “Seriously, just like that!?”

The headmaster nodded – and Mr. Henderson was in the couch and didn’t react. He couldn’t risk getting reported. And after all, the headmaster was right, she was an adult and he had to respect that.


Ann started sucking Robs cock slowly and carefully, all the time looking up at the headmaster for her queue on when she could stop. Ann had never imagined this session going like this, but was very respectful to authorities and was along for the ride to see where this was going.

“OK, that’s enough” the headmaster said and Ann gave a sigh of relief, but it was too soon. Rob, help her out of her clothes. Rob started undressing Ann until she was naked in front of her headmaster and teacher and with Rob touching her in front of them. It was true that she was sexually active, but she wasn’t comfortable being sexually active right in front of her teacher.


“Now, Ann, I do understand correctly that you have sex regularly, right?” the headmaster said.

She nodded. “Yes”

“Good, so I am not asking too much when I ask you to have it right here on the couch.” the headmaster continue.

“OK, it isn’t too much to ask?” Ann asked, for confirmation.

“No, I think that’s reasonable – go ahead Rob, I can see you’re more than ready”.

Rob nodded and grabbed Ann and pulled her to the couch and started pushing his cock into her pussy from behind her.


Ann moaned like crazy. “Oh wow, you are soo big” she moaned.

After a while of fucking, it looked like maybe Robs back hurt a bit, he wanted to change position and went up against the table.

The headmaster got out of his seat and out in front. He did take the opportunity to take a few pictures. “These are all for educational purposes he said”.

Rob fucked Anns pussy really deep.


Despite, or maybe because, the headmaster and the teacher was watching her, she couldn’t hold back a huge orgasm. The moans turned to screams and back to moans as she gasped and orgasmed.

The excited became too much for Rob who started cumming in her pussy.


As Ann was recovering and Rob putting his clothes back on, the headmaster continued preaching.

“Yes, uhm, so Mr. Henderson, you see, Ann is sexually active and that is a beautiful thing. It really is. And nothing for you to worry about or get involved in. So from now on you will just take care of teaching Ann and stop asking strange questions, OK”.

“Yes, OK, sorry” Mr Henderson and looked at Ann. “Sorry Ann, I was inappropriate and … it was nice to meet your boyfriend”

“Oh you met Will? Really, how did that happen?” Ann asked.

“No, I meant Rob, I met Rob just now”

“But Rob is not my boyfriend, that’s just someone that the headmaster invited to this session” An explained.

The headmaster said “Uhm, but I thought Rob was your boyfriend. Ohh … well … good, but all’s well that ends well”.


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