Teaching her how to swim

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Brent saw the young and naive Tina a mile away as she was arriving at the beach.


He followed her every move as she took her shirt off and lied down on the beach in her bikini. Brent walked towards her and waited a short distance from her, thinking about how he should introduce himself.

“Hey, pretty girl, why are you not going for a swim, can’t you swim”.


Brent liked to pick up girls on the beach. It is a casual atmosphere and the girls are already half naked. He tease them a bit and had some fun with them. He hit the spot with Tina with that comment about her swimming.

“Ha ha, very funny – actually … I can’t swim”.

“Really?” Brent asked, concerned on her behalf. “You should really learn how to swim! It could be dangerous not to know how to swim. What if you’re on a boat and it tips over – happens all the time”.

“I guess” Tina responded.

“I’ll teach you how to swim – it’s really easy to learn, but you don’t want to have to learn when you are in the middle of the ocean” Brent said. He had a point.


Tina thought it could be fun and Brent seemed like a nice guy. She got up and Brent helped her with her towel and put his arm around her and they started walking.

“Uhm, the ocean is that way” Tina said and pointed back to the ocean.

“Ha ha, well you’re in luck, you don’t want to learn how to swim in the ocean. It’s salty and dangerous. But I have access to a nearby pool, it’s much safer.” Brent explained.

“Ahh, wow!”

Tina was impressed.


When they got to Brents pool, he guided her to a floatation device. “This will keep you afloat – let’s get used to the water for a while” he said. “I’ll just apply this oil first”.

“Oil?” Tina asked.

“Well, you don’t NEED it to swim, but better safe than sorry, right? You ARE a beginner at swimming, aren’t you?”

Tina nodded.

Brent applied the oil and more or less accidentally moved the bikini a bit, revealing some of Tina’s sexier bits.


“Uhh – oops” Tina said, and put her bikini back in place. However, the damage was done, Brent had been turned on and there was no way back.

“OK, let’s get started – I’ll hold on to you so you won’t sink” Brent said. He carried Tina in the water and instructed her to move her arms and legs.


He held her up and still let her use the floatation device a bit. He couldn’t help but sneak a little touch at her private parts as she was busy learning how to swim.

“OK, this is not working, let’s try something else”. He carried her up and explained to her. “To keep you afloat more easily, we need to get a little balloon inside you.”

“Really!?” Tina asked. She had never heard of that before.

“Of course, didn’t you know a balloon keeps you afloat?” Brent asked.

Tina nodded. “But how do we get a ballon inside me? I don’t even know what you mean”.

Brent explained that there was really just one method that he knew would work for sure.


Brent used his penis to gradually push the inflatable device further and further into her – in the end it was partial success, in that he got it all the way in.

But it was only a partial success, because he didn’t make it stay in there – and it wasn’t air that filled it.

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