The Best Color for a Top or Blouse

Which color is best for a sexy top or blouse for a woman? Well, it is subjective, but we will conduct some comparative analysis and offer pros and cons for each color.


Red is a good color if you want to call attention to yourself. It says “Look at me”. It can be used in any setting. It is mostly popular for free time activities, but it can be used for office as well.

If a red shirt gets wet, it doesn’t become very see-through so it is a practical piece of clothing as well to use for many circumstances.


Orange tops share many of the qualities of red tops and they are of course also a very similar color. Although orange would rarely be used in office but more often it would be used for activities.

Orange says “I’m fun. Let’s have fun”


Yellow is an interesting choice. It also says “I’m fun, let’s have fun” and it is rarely used in offices. As opposed to red and orange, it is a little more versatile and has some playful qualities when it is exposed to sun or water, where it will become partly translucent.

Now whether that is good or bad is up to you to decide, but it can make the yellow top a more fun choice, for example, for a swimsuit.


Green is the most versatile choice. It can be used in any setting, whether it is swimwear, for office or any free activity. It is one of those “bra-safe” colors where you can use green without wearing a bra, generally speaking. In most cases, as you can see below, even if a green shirt is wet, people will only be able to see two little dots and that is it. A green shirt does not get translucent.


This is another playful color. It is similar to green (obviously) but also orange in its qualities, because it is playful and rarely used in offices, but it is for outside use and fun hobbies.

It’s a fun but also more classy color than the yellow.


Light blue and turquoise are very similar, but real blue, navy blue, is a dark color that catches the light. It is also known as a boys color and is not the obvious choice for a top for a woman. But perhaps that is a reason to use it. It is a refreshing choice.

We we can see from multiple examples below, blue is also a good choice if you are out and about, risk being sweaty after a workout or playing in the water.


Pink is the ultimate female color. It is close to orange, and it shares some signals, like fun and playfulness, but it is not as playful as orange. Pink is very feminine. The use of pink expands the feminine look. It is also used regularly by men who like to conquer the feminine counter-play of pink.

Finally, pink is associated with being a “young” color.


There are many variations of purple. Some of them look almost red while others are close to pink. Dark purple can be very dark and depending on the light can look almost like a shade of black.

Purple is also a feminine color. If pink is the color of girls, then purple is the color of women. It’s the perfect choice for partying and outdoor life and is not often seen in offices. It is also the color of “luxury”.


Black is an interesting “color”. It is not really a color, but a shade. It is believed to be the color most safe to go braless in. And while it may be more braless-safe than yellow, it certainly doesn’t mean that it is safe under any conditions. Even swimwear in black are not always a guarantee that your pokies won’t appear.

However, maybe that is a good thing. Pokies are beautiful and if you wear black, then you have a good conscience and are not thought of as slutty because you did your best.


White has a reputation of being sheer. But actually it’s not more sheer than black. Look at the examples below. Instead white is the symbol of innocence.

Yes, if you wear white and it gets wet for any reason, then it gets transparent. That phenomenon even has a name, called “wet t-shirt contest”. But if you don’t plan on getting wet, white is as good a color as any to wear.


Going topless is another option. It is a controversial choice, of course. Many women have fought hard for the option to go topless. The same option that men have in many places. It is one of the frontiers of equality between the genders.

It sends many signals. One of them could be that “I am a sexual being and that is OK”.

Another could be “These are just natural things, there is nothing sexual about them. Get over it”.

It is legal, but frowned upon, in many cities around the world.


An even more controversial choice is going bottomless. It will certainly take attention away from your choice of top, so if you are a little indecisive, even after reading all the advice in this article, then you can do bottomless instead.

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