The Big Break

My boyfriend is a stand-up comic and he is doing really well, but he has been struggling to get the attention he deserves for the last … let’s see … wow, has it really been 4 years already. In all that time he didn’t really get anywhere, before now!


We were waiting in the dressing room at the talkshow called the “The Quite Late Night Talk Show” which features celebrity guests and short shows, like the one my boyfriend was going to put on. This would give him the attention that he so much needed and it would really put him on the map. And if he has what it takes, this will make his career. And if he doesn’t, maybe then he will decide to move on. Either way, it’s going to be good for him, one way or another.

It came out of the blue – all of a sudden he had this invite, after months of barely performing anywhere.

There was a knock on the door and a second later, before any of us could say “come in”, a man entered and said “hello”. It was obvious my boyfriend knew him. They shook hands and didn’t tell each other their names.


“Carolyn, this is Jeff, the producer that got me this show tonight! I really owe him a favor!” my boyfriend said.

“Wow, how nice, very good of you to invite him, I am sure he will do great” I said.

Jeff, the producer, nodded “I think so too, but he is right, though, he really does owe me a favor, because I picked him out of a list of at least a hundred qualified people.

The producer sat down in the couch with us. Then he said “That’s you” and pointed to the door. It was time. My boyfriend was going to the prep room and then he would be going on stage in about 15 minutes from now!


We kissed. “Good luck!” I said to him and he thanked me.

“Please be nice to Jeff and entertain him while I’m gone” my boyfriend said and looked at me for a moment. Then he kissed me again and left.

After my boyfriend left there was a minute of silence. I wasn’t much of a small talker and didn’t know what to say to Jeff. I went to the mirror and fixed my make-up.


Jeff came up to me after another minute and then he said “What a nice gesture by your boyfriend, huh?” and then Jeff blatantly grabbed my boob.


“Hey, what?” I was confused.

“He offered to have you entertain me while he is performing his show of a lifetime. A fair trade, I think” Jeff said.

“Yeah but, he meant like talking with you and stuff”.

He continued carressing my boob. “Ha ha, no – he told you he owed me a big favor and that you were going to entertain me – and then that kiss. Oh yes, you’re definitely going to entertain me, how do you think he got that job?”

My mind was racing. While I was considering what he had said, he was already undressing me.


“What – what kind of entertainment” I asked

“Well, since I am the one to be entertained, that should be up to me. Logical, right?” Jeff argued.

I nodded. It kind of was. I just couldn’t believe that my boyfriend made this deal with him. But then again, I couldn’t believe that he got this deal in the first place, with a live stand-up show on regional television. I real scoop for his career that came out of nowhere.

And what if I refused to let him do whatever it is he thinks is entertaining? Would he stop the show? I couldn’t take that chance.


It turned out he wasn’t in much doubt about what kind of entertainment he wanted. He got me on the floor and started poking his cock in my pussy until it found its way in and he started fucking me.

My boyfriend was going to get quite a talking to when he got back.

Or so I thought. Because when he did come back, about five minutes later, after his show was done, it was him giving ME a talking to.


“What are you doing!?” my boyfriend said.

“E… Entertaining him” I stuttered.

“Entertaining him? You couldn’t think of anything else than fucking him!?”

“But he was the one …” I stuttered before my boyfriend interrupted “What about him? I don’t exactly see you resisting” he argued and he was right of course. Meanwhile, old Jeff was still fucking me.

“Come on, Jeff, your girlfriend knows when its time to celebrate. She’ll give you a blowjob!” Jeff said. I nodded nervously. He took his pants down and I starting sucking him off while Jeff was still fucking me.


Really hoping this was helping my boyfriends career somehow, because I wasn’t even being thanked by anyone for this, all I could do was continue to limit the damage.

Jeff huffed and puffed and then he came in me with a few short pumps. Then he immediately got up, put his clothes on. “Good doing business with you” he said and left. Meanwhile, cum dripping from my pussy while I was still sucking my boyfriends cock. I was gonna make sure he didn’t have to see that and I think I sucked him better than ever. It certainly sounded like that when he came in my mouth.

Then I just smiled at him and said the only thing that came on my mind.


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