The boyfriend test

My daughter brought her new boyfriend home for the first time. He was going to sleep over at our house. It’s a good thing that my daughter wants to introduce her boyfriends to her family, but it’s also something I’ve told her she has to do. It’s OK that she gets a boyfriend, but she just has to be open about it.


We were sitting together, watching TV and talking, getting to know one another. I like to get to know my daughters boyfriends. I made subtle hints to her boyfriend that in order to date my daughter, he would have to make a good impression to me. My daughter understood this and tried helping her boyfriend say the right things. “What a lovely painting you have there” her boyfriend said at one point, pointing to a painting I made when I was younger. I knew my daughter helped him to notice that.

I made it sufficiently clear that I wanted no hanky-panky while they were sleeping here. They both got that.

I liked her boyfriend, he said all the right things, but the next morning, I decided to do “the boyfriend test” on him. The most critical part of the doing the test, is to time the shower just right. I would listen in their room when they were waking up and then before my daughters boyfriend would go to the shower, I would go there first.


I would’nt turn on the shower yet, so he couldn’t hear me. And I wouldn’t lock the door either. I was setting myself up to be “surprised”.

I could hear someone entering the bathroom. Of course, some times I wouldn’t time it right and perhaps my daughter would find me in here – a little awkward – but this time I had the right amount of skill and luck and yes, my daughters boyfriend ‘surprised’ me in the shower.


He was shocked and just stood still, mumbling “sorry” or something like that, but not moving. I still have that effect on men – hopefully for quite a few years to come.

While he was still paralyzed, I grabbed his towel and pulled him into the shower. “Come on, there is plenty of room for one more in here” I said. He got under the shower and was washing his face, but I also I think he was kind of subconsciously covering his face, embarrassed and not knowing what to do.


Almost he immediately he started getting a boner – I would be offended if he didn’t. Good on him.

I gave him the soap and he started washing himself as if being in the shower with his girlfriends mom was the most natural thing in the world. He neglected one area of his body, but I helped him with that part. I put soap on his penis and started washing it a bit. “Personal hygiene is very important” I said, lecturing him.


I sighed and twitched for a moment, but didn’t otherwise resist.

“That’s enough” I said, after a while. We finished the shower and I took him by the hand, still he was under my power. I led him fro the bathroom into my bedroom.


“What are we doing here, Mrs. Jones” he asked. I knew what that meant – he started asking a question, meaning he questioned what he was doing there, naked and with his girlfriends mom, naked. I knew that I needed to act fast and make sure I appealed to his male “animal” brain.

I bent forward a bit and lied on the bed. “Come on, take me” I said, bent over on the bed with him standing behind me. This was the real “boyfriend test”. This irresistible sight would be a great test of how good a boyfriend he would be. Of course, he did what any healthy man would do and started inserting his cock into my wet pussy.


He was a bit hesitant at first, but I commanded him “fuck me, fuck me now!” and he started moving it further in. “All the way, move it in now!” I said. He moved it all the way in and started fucking me.

He fucked me deep and it felt great, his young hard cock in my pussy, pounding me harder. I started moaning, partly because I was getting closer to orgasm and partly because it was part of my master plan.


He was cumming in me and I was cumming too. “Yes, give it to me! Harder” I almost yelled.

That was the signal for my daughter. She knew it all too well. She came into the bed room and found her new boyfriend banging her own mom.

She kind of expected this, but she is shocked every time. “What are you doing?” she yelled at both of us, I presume.

“I didn’t do it!” her boyfriend said, with cum now dripping out of my pussy while his cock was still in there. He lifted his hands as if it was his hands that had done something. 


Ha ha, that was hilarious. He really said “I didn’t do it” with his cock still inside me. Both me and my daughter laughed out loud. “Ha ha ha, that is soooo funny” my daughter said. “But mom, why do you always have to do that”.

I told her “It’s better that you know what kind of guy he is now instead of learning it later when you are more involved.”

“I know mom, but please …” she said, implying that she was about getting tired of me ‘proving’ that all her boyfriends were cheaters. “maybe you don’t have to try that hard?” she said.

“Remember, my daughter, I’m doing it for you” I lied…

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