The challenges in the dorm

Jin had just moved into the dorm and was going to start college this year. She was getting to know some of the girls living there, just small talking about studying, work, boys and so on. Jin was having a great time. Her anxiousness about finding friends had been replaced by relief that it seemed she had already found them.


“I am thinking of a challenge” one of the girls suddenly said. It was Cherry in the blue shirt.

“I’m thinking of a person” Netty said.

“I’m thinking of a person” Susan then said. Then she turned to Jin. “Are you thinking of a person?”

“Like, who?” Jin had to ask. “Someone in this room” Susan explained. “OK” Jin said “I’m thinking of a person.

Netty said “Susan”, Susan said “Netty” and then they both turned to Jin who said “Susan”.

“You’re it!” the girls said all at once, then Cherry revealed the challenge that she was thinking of. “You have to stand up and tell us about your first crush.”


Susan got up and told a really personal story about her first crush and how she had her heart broken.

“Nice one” Netty said and took a picture of Susan as she poured her heart out while in her night wear.

The girls sat down and talked for a while longer. Jin asked them whether it was a coincidence that all their names are quite short, but Cherry explained that it’s probably because they’re quick to type. The conversation went on till Susan suddenly said “I’m thinking of a challenge”. The girls reciprocated with “I’m thinking of a person”.

“Jin”, “Jin”, “Netty” was the result.

“Jin, you’re it!” Susan said. “Jin was nervous and excited at the same time to be up next to do this challenge, whatever it was.”

Susan revealed the challenge. “First, get up and have a picture taken in your undies, just like I did before”. Jin was a good sport and did what was asked of her.


“OK?” Jin asked. “Sure” Susan said “And now for the challenge”

Jin thought for a moment that was it but was quite mistaken. “Take your top off” Susan said.

Jin didn’t react. She didn’t know what to say. “Come on” Netty said.

“No, I don’t really want to do that” Jin said. “Hah!” Susan said “You were quite happy to participate when I had to tear my heart out in front of you, I did my challenge! Do you think that was easy? And now that it’s your turn, you don’t want to be part of it any more!? What a friend!” she said.

“No no” Jin backed out “I mean, I’m uncomfortable but of course, as you say, it’s a challenge, so I’ll do it”.

Jin started pulling her shirt up and kind of giggled, maybe waited for the girls to stop her,


Jin went ahead and pulled her shirt off. The girls snapped some pictures.

Jin tried to seem as relaxed as possible, she might as well stay cool in front of her new friends.


“And those” Susan said and pointed to her panties.

“What? What do you mean?” Jin didn’t get it.

“The panties – you’re only half way there, you’re not stopping half way through the challenge are you? Then you might as well have not begun!”

“But …” Jin didn’t continue her protest. She might have made a different choice if she knew the whole challenge, but now she might as well complete it.


She tried pulling them half way down and giggling. The giggle hadn’t worked the first time and wouldn’t work this time either. There was nothing else to do than to drop them on the ground and let the girls have some fun at her expense.

She was embarrassed to be naked in front of the girls but at least she had their approval. And the girls had pictures.


“Good job, girl!” Susan said and put her phone back in her pocket. Jin immediately put her clothes back on and sat down with the girls again.

After 10 minutes or so, Jin figured she was going to show herself to be a good sport and join in the game. “I’m thinking of a challenge” she said. The other girls looked at her and laughed. Then they smiled and each said “I’m thinking of a person”


“Netty”, “Susan”, “Netty”.

It was Jin to name the challenge and she wanted to find a nice one, so it would be obvious that she was being a good sport about it.

“You have to kiss Susan” Jin said. Netty laughed, gave Susan a peck on the cheek and everyone was happy.

Later that evening, one of the boys came into the room. “Has anyone seen Susan?” he asked. She was somewhere else at the time.

“No”, Netty said, “But I’m thinking of a challenge”.

Cherry and Jin both said out of reflex “I’m thinking of a person”


“Jin”, “Jin”, “Cherry”.

“Jin, you’re it” Cherry said.

“Ohhhh ha ha ohhh no you guys” Jin said, trying to ease the tension.

“Go ahead and suck his cock”, Netty said. She had issued the challenge.

“Seriously guys?” Jin asked. Meanwhile, the dude dropped his pants. “Yes, seriously” Netty said “But we won’t take any pictures, wink wink”. Yes, she actually said wink out loud.


Jin got the message. Suck his cock, play along with the challenge game or see the pictures get spread on her first day in the dorm.

The girls were stunned when Jin actually put the cock in her mouth. They thought she would back out and then they could tease her with that for a couple of days.


“OK, get naked and get on the bed” Netty demanded of her.

“Come on girls” Jin pleaded. “Do you give up?” Netty asked, half hoping that she would.

Jin couldn’t manage the consequence of backing out of this challenge now after she had played along and even issues a challenge of her own – and on top of that, the threat of the pictures made her comply.

She jumped out of her night wear for the second time this evening and went on the bed and let the dude fuck her.


“Wow, you’re kind of cool” Netty said and Cherry agreed, as Jin was getting fucked by a strange boy in her new friends’ bedroom.

The guy really gave her the full she-bang, so to speak.


As he started fatiguing, Jin figured she might as well do it well if she had to do it at all. So she started riding the guy. Meanwhile the girls looked on in awe. They were going to be impressed by her and perhaps that might turn into some kind of twisted envy.


The guy started making weird sounds and then cum starting gushing into Jin. She rolled off and got her breath back. The girls were still stunned.

“Wow, Jin, I mean … I don’t know what to say. I’m impressed” Netty said.

“Thanks” Jin said. “That was the whole challenge, right?”

“Well …”


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  1. Does anyone know the video or photo shoot where these pictures came from or the name of the girl she’s been driving me crazy.

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