The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 2/7

I guess it was that one time performance in Brazil that made me realize it would be no problem to practice while topless. My shirt would always get sweaty and sticky, so it is comfortable for me to play topless. And of course, my tits are small enough for it to not be a problem.


Usually it’s possible to watch me during practice, but now it became a bit too popular, so I decided to ask an admission price. It was still quite popular and it was becoming quite a good deal for me.

Actually, this increased income allowed me to buy a more expensive apartment. I didn’t worry too much about paying a bit too much and lending some money to buy it, because enough people came every day for me to comfortably afford it.

After some weeks, visits started going down a bit, though and I thought it was time to try something new.

I decided to take part in a tournament – although my level no longer was high enough for me to win, I would still get some prize money for a decent effort. I used to always be able to get into the tournaments, due to my celebrity status, but this time the arrangers had a condition. My reputation required me to be topless throughout the tournament.


The arrangers explained that people would expect to see some nudity from me and if they didn’t see it, they would be disappointed.

I agreed of course. I had already been topless in public quite a bit and this was no different. It was a bit more public, but topless pictures of me was already all over the internet. This paid better – I even got a small bonus in addition to the prize money and I was comfortably paying my bills again.

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