The envelope girl

Yea, I know, it seems a little revealing to walk around like this in public, but not really, if you knew where I’m going.


My panties are showing, but that’s OK. A lot more people than the strangers on the street will see me in this outfit. See, this is actually for a TV performance.

No, I’m not an actress, but … yes, I guess I hope this event could help me become a TV actress. I was certainly determined to do my very best and it didn’t even come to mind that I would complain about the outfit they gave me.

Let me start from the beginning – I signed up to participate in an awards event. Here I am arriving at the event.


I’m a little scantily clad, I know, but I’m the only girl presenter. Well, as it turns out, the others are the presenters, I’m just the envelope girl. All these guys are experienced producers, song writers and other professionals within the music business. I guess my qualification to be here is purely my good looks – enhanced by my limited clothing.

They were talking with each other in a corner and I sensed they were talking about me, because they were kind of pointing and looking at me out of the corner of their eye.

They called me over, and when they did, they took me by surprise – grabbed a butt cheek each!


I flinched. One of the guys said that it was no good. He observed that I flinched. I even waived the hands away at first, only to see them right back at my butt cheeks. The guy repeated that it would be no good to have me on stage. Something about me flinching on stage would be unacceptable.

Then a guy pulled my top down and wanted to pinch my nipples. My smile stiffened, but I didn’t quite flinch.


No, I didn’t flinch, but I was completely stiff. Not natural at all. They noticed it and commented on it. Someone observed that I would not be reliable if an unexpected situation would arise. I thought to myself, just being the envelope girl, that not many unexpected things could occur, but then again, that would make them so much the more unexpected.

What happened now, should not have been so unexpected, really, and the thought had occurred to me that they might do it – they pulled my panties off.


I didn’t object at all. Well I did object on the inside, but I couldn’t object now, after the observations they had made. If I flinched, moved, not moved, even said anything, it would be sure proof I couldn’t handle unexpected situations like this one.

After stripping me naked, they still explained they couldn’t use me for the show, that I did not have enough stage training … but the kicker was, that a sexual favor goes a long way in the music business.

I understood and accepted – it’s not like I’ve never given a blowjob before, only this time I would actually get my career kick started from it. Hell of a lot better outcome than other blowjobs I’ve given to my boyfriend.

As I sucked, a second guy pulled his cock out.


I understood I was not going to get away with just a single blowjob. I hadn’t anticipated that I actually had to blow ALL of them – but one, two or seven is really not much of a difference.

As they bent me over a stool to suck a cock, I might have anticipated what happened next. In fact, I did and still went with the fact that “If I have said A, I might as well say B” and carry on with it. B was the thought in my mind, when a cock was stuffed up my pussy.


As it turned out, it was one of many to come. As you will see later, it was also one of many to cum. See what I did there? Play on words with “come” and “cum”. You haven’t seen that one before, huh?

In fact, I noticed a few of the guys other than the presenters got a fuck or two, while the others were at it. I saw at least two waiters fucking me. I was done flinching though. Really no point at this point.


They were considerate enough not to cum inside me. Well, I found out later that at least a couple of guys came in me, but most held out – the backfire was that they came on my face instead.


Even after I thought they were done, half a minute later, I felt a little more cum land on me. I couldn’t see anything at this point, as I had cum in my eyes and didn’t want to open them prematurely.

I asked into the room whether they were done yet. Thankfully I got a reply back, I feared for a moment everyone had left. To my joy, the answer was actually YES!


YES YES YES! The word echoed in my ears. I was actually going on stage to deliver the envelope. The road had been somewhat bumpy, but the end result is all the same.

I opened my eyes slightly and could see one presenter was left. He told me I would be going on in 30 seconds. I was still sitting on the floor, covered in cum. I wouldn’t have enough time to get cleaned up. I stood up, but my bra on, but my panties were gone.

I explained to the guy I wouldn’t have time to get dressed. He told me it was fine – that the audience would be thrilled to see the live show they had seen filmed from backstage had in fact been live…

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