The mug shot

Mina was at the costume party with lots of other people. Someone had apparently been taking drugs and the police had been called. For some reason, Mina was singled out and taken to the station under suspicion of having used drugs.

She actually hadn’t but they were allowed to keep her there over night. They made her stay in her costume for the mug shot.

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“Seriously, you couldn’t give me a blouse or something. This was supposed to be for a private costume party. I’m dressed a slut” Mina explained the cop.

“I know” the cop said, but didn’t address anything else she said.

“These mug shots go in my file” Mina explained “And many people can look in that file over the years”

“I know” the cop said again and led her into her cell.


Mina was half naked and hand cuffed. Not the way she wanted to spend the night.

“At least take the hand cuffs off” Mina pleaded to the sheriff. “It’s regulation, mam” he just said “Now sit down and be quiet”.


The sheriff was cold as ice, but the lieutenant wasn’t as good at ignoring her.

“Do you mind if I talk with her?” the lieutenant asked the sheriff.

“Be my guest, if you want grief, then you’re welcome to talk with her.” the sheriff said lethargically.

“What’s the problem in here?” the lieutenant asked Mina and she explained.


She explained the costume party, how she was innocent, the mug shot and now being hand cuffed and half naked in a call all night. The lieutenant understood her plight. “But that’s the law” he argued.

She nodded. “But is it though? I didn’t really do anything and I’m sort of being punished. Is that really the law?”

The lieutenant didn’t expect that. She had a point. An actual point. “Hey boss, she sort of has a point, doesn’t she? What does this have to do with upholding the law?” he asked. “And order” the sheriff said.


“Law … and order” the sheriff repeated “We’re upholding law and order. We had to make an arrest to uphold the order”

“Mam, I have an idea. You can prove you will collaborate with us and then we can justifiably say that we are upholding the order even if we release you”.

“I don’t like the sound of this” Mina said, while the lieutenant unlocked the jail. “Like if you were to flash me your breasts, that would be a sign of humility” the lieutenant said and pulled Minas dress down. Mina gasped.


“Isn’t that right, boss?”

“Sure is” the sheriff said and continued reading his magazine.

The lieutenant started pushing Mina down to her knees. “If you were to make some kind of grand gesture of humility, I would be able to take your hand cuffs off” the lieutenant said while he whipped out his cock and shoved it in Minas face.


Meanwhile, he was removing her hand cuffs as promised.

“That feels good, you earned those hand cuffs” the lieutenant said.

“What do you say you earn that mug shot back too?” he asked. Mina had a cock in her mouth but visibly disagreed. “Yes, I think you want to do that.”. He lifted her to the bed and pulled her panties aside and held her down while he started fucking her from behind.

“Yes, we must have order” the sheriff said.


Mina was protesting.

“Shh, you don’t want to disturb the order” the lieutenant said. He continued fucking her, but changed positions to get a better control of her. “Shhh, shhhh”

“You wanted your mug shot removed, didn’t you?” the lieutenant asked “now we will have to remove it, we don’t want any trace that you have been here”.


He had only just said it before he left a very traceable trace in Mina. He couldn’t help it and started cumming in her. “What did you say about leaving a trace?” the sheriff said.

“Oh … uhmm, mam, please flush next time you go to the toilet” the lieutenant said to Mina.

“Attaboy” the sheriff reciprocated.

The lieutenant got up and left the jail and locked the door.

“Wait a minute, are you leaving me here?” Mina said “I thought …”


“You thought you’re free to go? No, your hand cuffs are gone and your mug shot is gone, that was the deal. We can keep you for 24 hours.” the lieutenant said. “But don’t worry, lieutenants Joel and Martin will take over in the morning. See you tomorrow!”

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