The night Brenda paid

Brenda had gotten drunk with two boys, which ended up with her and two dicks in her pussy, all of it recorded.

Two days later one of the boys called her. They would delete the recording if she would have sex with a guy. However, it was part of the deal, that she had to pretend to be a virgin.

Brenda was willing to do it if it meant the recording got deleted, but was sceptical. She asked what assurance she had that they wouldn’t just publish the recording after she had fucked this guy.

“But if we do that, it will be evident to the guy that you were not a virgin and then he will know that we tricked him. We promised him a virgin, so we would get in big trouble if that happened. You can’t tell him you’re not a virgin”.

Brenda was happy that they each wanted something from each other and that her mistake from the other night would be erased forever with this little effort.

She met the guy the next day outside her apartment.


“Tell me, why is it that you have agreed to let me take your virginity” the man asked her, referring to the two boys that had sent her.

“Well, you know … “ Brenda said, struggling to come up with an answer. She knew she had to play along and pretend she was a virgin – and make it believable. “The boys said you would be experienced, and I really want to lose my virginity to someone experienced.

They went to Brendas apartment where she undressed in front of him.


“Now that’s what I’m talking about! Where did they find you!?” the guy asked, again referring to the two boys that had sent her.

“Ohh – uhm … I was in bible school when they came up to me and suggested this”.

“Nice” he smiled.

She lied down on the bed and the guy lied down behind her.

“Be gentle, OK?” she said. “OK” he said and started nudging his penis into her pussy carefully.


“Ow ow” Brenda said, playing the part of the virgin.

She kept saying “ow ow” for a long time while he was fucking her, trying to remember how long it would be appropriate to keep saying it, thinking several years back, when she was really a virgin.

The guy didn’t seem to take much notice of it as he fucked her in different positions.


Then the guy fucked her faster and then just before he came, he pulled out and came on her tummy.


“What happened” Brenda said, trying to play stupid.

“We’re done” the guy said. “Don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant, I didn’t cum inside you.

“Oh good”.

The guy left and Brenda called the two boys that had tricked her into this. “I’m done, you can delete the recording now.”


“What, why?” Brenda was confused “If you don’t, I’ll tell him I was really not a virgin, then you’ll be in big trouble”

“Oh that” the boy replied “that was just for fun, he didn’t really believe that, but it sure was fun – ha ha.”

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