The pool boy cliche

I’m a pool boy. No, it’s not what you think. I don’t have sex with every cougar house wife home alone when I’m coming to the clean the pool. I just remove the leaves, measure the values of the water and add chemicals to balance the water and keep it clean.

Then I rush on to the next pool. I have to clean at least 12 pools per day in order to make a good profit. That leaves 15 minutes for each pool, having to spend time on transport from pool to pool.

OK, once in a while, I do experience interesting things. Like this one, where this girl was sitting by the pool when I came. I mean, arrived.


Usually people don’t sit by the pool. These rich people in their big houses are at their work place all day long and come home tired to watch TV. Just like everybody else. So it’s rare to find anyone sitting by the pool like this. Even more rare to find someone as hot as this.

I went up to the girl and explained to her that I’m cleaning it now and she can’t use it for at least an hour after I’m done.


She looked up at me. I could kind of make out her nipples under the thin top she was wearing. Uhh, that was hot. I could kind of feel a tingle between my legs, but quickly killed it by thinking about baseball.

“Well, maybe there is something else you can help me with, before you get started” she asked. This sounded like a bad porno flick. If it was a porno flick, she would next be asking me to massage her and then it would develop from there. “Would you mind massaging my back side?” she asked.

Did she just say that? Was I imagining it, because I just had the train of thought about the porno flick. I pinched my arm and realized she had actually said that. “S-sure …”.

She got up and sat on the outside couch. I followed her over and carefully started massaging her a little bit.


This was really weird. A hot chick seducing the pool boy. Was this the pool boy cliche actually happening?

I started thinking about what would happen next if this was actually a porn movie. It would have to be something about her pulling her top down so I could massage her a little more conveniently.

“There, is that easier for you?” she asked and pulled down her top.


I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. It seemed obvious to me where this was going, but I wasn’t about to be presumptuous and move forward.

I continued massaging her and she made sounds that indicated she quite liked it. Very much actually. “That’s so nice, just what I needed” she said.

Now, what would happen next in a classic porno after the guy massaged the girl.

“Thanks” she said “I should return the favor, that’s the least I can do”. She reached out for my pants and unzipped. Yes, exactly that is what happened and what would also have happened had this been a porn movie. Amazing.


Wow, she put it in her mouth! Holy cow. It’s happening. I was excited but also extremely surprised. The pool boy never get these treats in real life. It only happens in movies.

She continued and after a few minutes, she yanked my clothes off me and herself. She climbed on top of me and before she even inserted my cock in her pussy, she was kind of posing and moaning.


We changed position and I was the one fucking her now. Oh my god, she was so hot, I couldn’t believe it. While fucking her, I was thinking about how this all happened. All of it so similar to a porno, just like the pool boy cliche. Was this normal? Did this happen to all pool boys and I had just been unlucky so far? Naaa, having been a pool boy for several years without it happening would require a whole lot of bad luck.


She was moaning even louder than before. Almost so I was scared that the neighbours would hear us. Well, if they did, no problem for me. I was not doing anything illegal.

I took charge, sped up and fucked her harder. Her encouraging moaning … well, encouraged me and I buried my cock deep in her. Whoa, that was so good. Her warm pussy completely giving my cock a nice and tight hug. That was it for me. Over the course of 5 or 6 thrusts I came as much and as hard in her as I ever did.


The girl smiled. Got up, took a towel and left. “That’s a wrap” I heard someone yell. What the hell!? I looked up and saw a camera guy and a director standing about 10 meters away by a tree. I hadn’t noticed them because they were kind of shadowed by the tree.

The director came over to me. “Good job!” he said and handed me $1500 dollars “See you for Scene 8 on Tuesday”.

I pocketed the money, but was still confused about the situation. I then saw a guy coming into the garden, wearing a overalls and a long net. “The pool boy is here!” the yelled and smiled.

He looked around “Hey, where is Cindy? When are we starting shooting?”

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