The Pyramid – Part 2: Cindy’s second contract

Long story short, Cindy had signed the contract, had her pictures taken and now owed The Pyramid $30.000 as she had been unable to pay the cost price for those pictures. As it was a legally binding contract, the effects of not paying would be that she would all her property if she had any, and if that was not enough, she would risk being sent to jail. Not a nice outlook for a young woman starting out her adult life, so she would be looking for a way out.

This might come as a surprise to you, but I was going to offer her a way out.


She came to the studio and I showed her another contract, telling her that this one would remove all her debt. She insisted on reading the details of it, of course, and so she did – this one was just one page and quite simple.

After fulfilling the conditions in this contract, the modeling contract between Cindy Hallowell and The Pyramid, with the reference number 000001, will be void and all debts incurred as part of it, will be cancelled

No, it’s not a trick, that’s really what it says. However, the conditions to be fulfilled were quite challenging.


  • You must participate in one nude photo shoot today.
  • You must bring a total of 2 girls to The Pyramid photo studio. They must accept to participate in a photo shoot and sign a contract with the same terms as the aforementioned contract.
  • The conditions must be completed within 1 month of the nude photo shoot or another nude photo shoot must be completed, until the conditions are complete.

Her reaction was not what you might expect, one of outrage and frustration. Remember that the current situation is, that The Pyramid possesses revealing pictures of her AND she is legally indebted the The Pyramid – the amount being one that she could never hope to pay off.

Cindy would read and re-read the contract. She had a few questions to it and I gave a straight answer. Having learned from last time, she would ask whether these pictures would also have a ‘cost’ on them. The answer being no, the deal is just too good considering her debt would be cleared. In a way, she would ‘earn’ the amount she owed – $30.000. Provided of course that she would be able to recruit two more girls.

Cindy signed the deal and fulfilled her first condition almost immediately.


Of course, the second condition, recruiting two more girls, would prove more difficult – but not impossible …

Follow the story next week when Cindy brings a girl into the studio.

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