The Pyramid – Part 5: The first REAL escort

I know I said last time that sending Tina to my friend Ben as his birthday gift was, in a way, the real start of The Pyramid. When I think about it, perhaps it wasn’t, perhaps today should be considered the real start of the escort service. Yinni was the second recruit from Cindy and after this, Cindy was completely free.

Cindy had brought Yinni to the studio with only 5 days to spare. If she had not recruited anyone for 5 additional days, she would have to perform according to her contract again.

At this time, Yinni had already signed the contract, been through the photo shoot, become indebeted and had signed the second contract to relieve her from that debt. The second contract stated that she had to perform a sexual favor. We conveniently enter the story where she is about to deliver on that favor.


As a way to see how this would work, as a kind of test of the concept, I had created a dating profile on behalf of the girl. A few guys had contacted the profile and I had randomly picked one of them, flirted with him on her behalf and finally invited him to visit her bedroom through the window.

Yinni had been instructed to let the person knocking on the window in and this would be her time to perform her sexual favor.

The dude started undressing Yinni and Yinni went along with it.


Yinni knew this was her chance to get out of her $30.000 debt and she was not about to ruin it by stopping this guy. Yinni didn’t know what to expect, other than that she was expected to perform a sexual favor.

Yinni sat down as she saw the guy undressing as well. She realized of course that the term ‘sexual favor’ was going to mean that she would have to go all the way.


She got ready for what came next.


This just goes to show how powerful this contract construction is. Remember what her motivation is – although she started out hoping for earnings of up to $10.000, she ended up being legally indebted of three times that amount. Instead of ruining her entire life through one mistake, she was given a way out. Just 1 sexual favor – and of course a condition to find two new recruits, and she would have her life back.

She let the stranger push his cock into her pussy and he started fucking her.


He gave a very good fucking and she took it all. Literally – when he came, she didn’t retract or anything, she just let him cum wherever he wanted to – in this case, on her pussy. It might as well have been in it.


Yes, Yinni was the definite evidence that not only did the contract provide a way of complete control over the girl – it would be to the extend that she could be trusted to follow through with whatever task she had been given. Of course, she would know that if she backed out, she would risk being in breach of the contract and risk to start all over and even to lose the opportunity of getting rid of the debt.

Yinni showed great potential for the contract. However, Yinni is Yinni, it would have to be tried and tested with someone else, just to be sure…

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  1. want another sequel for this to improve i suggest a bit longer story and more teasing photos and then slowly make it more revealig photos and then try snapping a girl having intercourse creampies or squirting would do

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