The Pyramid – Part 8: Our first booking

The phone belonging to The Pyramid rang – it was the first time ever. Apparently the customer we had found on the street last week had given our phone number to some people. It was perfect timing because we had just finished ‘processing’ a girl and we were able to confirm the booking and send her out to the customer.


Well, calling her a ‘girl’ might not be accurate, more like a woman – certainly fuckable in any case. She was 35 years old as I recall and I think her name was Wendy.

As a proper escort the service, the service did also include keeping the customer company – our girl and the customer had a nice walk in the park. She knew what was expected of her, but she didn’t expect the circumstances that were going to show themselves. As it turned out, the customer liked doing some risky stuff and started hinting at her to get undressed in the park.


He took her shirt off over herhead. Although she was wearing a bra, she became very conscious about her surroundings. It is one thing to have sex with a stranger – it’s something entirely different to have be exposed in front of lots of strangers in public.

Apparently the customer had chosen this spot for a reason – there were no people around, none at all. He also, seemingly, felt safe about the place, because he quickly jumped out of his own clothes, leaving him completely naked and now putting his attention on finishing undressing Wendy.


He liked to stand around and grope her in the middle of the green field. She tried to reciprocate by grabbing his cock. At this point, she didn’t know just how far he was going to take it here in public, but she would soon find out. For all she knew, he was just getting turned on from this and later they would go to his house to have sex – but this customer wanted it differently. He put her on the grass on all four and fucked her, right there in the middle of the park.


Still, no people around, but it was quite risky – someone could walk into that area of the park at any moment.

It seemed like he fucked her for a life time – that’s how Wendy felt it, all the time scared that someone would see her, perhaps someone she knew. The thoughts were flying through her mind. Then, before she knew it, he was done and came on her.


He told her if she wanted to just lie there in the sun for a while like that. Being in the role of an accommodating escort girl, she agreed, but what she really wanted was to get out of there right then and there.

Eventually they left together. The customer was very happy with the services and I think him telling about his experience is what really boosted the popularity of The Pyramid at this point of time.

This mature lady was just fine, but it had made us realize that we had not set any terms about the characteristics of the new recruits that the girls would be sending us. Fair as we were, we could of course not make such claims for the girls with current contracts, but in the future, we would have to think about that. For now we just had to hope that Wendy would invite her younger friends.

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