The Pyramid – Part 10: Entrapment by escort

This girl, Jessica, was one of the girls that Yinni recruited. Jessica had been given a very special mission. Yet again the customer hired our escort services for someone else. They asked for something looking young enough to go to college. We actually just got a new girl on contract that started college recently, so we figured she would be perfect for the job.


This job was not only special because the ‘target’ of the escort was not the paying customer, but also because the whole thing would be filmed by a hidden camera for evidence. The ‘target’ is a teacher at the college and so is the customer – they are both leading candidates to become the next principal – so the paying customer’s plan is to make sure his competition is miscredited, showing that he sleeps with the students.

As you can see on the footage above, Jessica shows a bit of panties in her short dress. Her target is to seduce the teacher – however, seduction can’t come from a wardrobe malfunction alone – usually not, anyway.

“The reason why I asked to see you” Jessica said “is because I trust you and I have a problem that I need your help with”. It’s not true of course, with this many students at the college, no one notices that Jessica is not actually enrolled to this college and doesn’t know this teacher at all.

“It’s kind of personal, but I hope I can count on your discretion” she said “it’s about my …uhm … vagina”.


Jessica was good. She explained about a rash that she had had and that she needed to ask someone whether it was normal. She asked him if he would take a look and even had him move the panties to the side himself … only to reveal a nice and cute pussy – with no rash.

“Is that normal?” Jessica then asked, staying in role.

“I honestly don’t see any rash” the teacher said, at this point not trying to take advantage of the situation.

“Ohh” Jessica said “Well, it only happens when my boyfriend licks my pussy – could I ask you a big favor and lick it for a bit, so I can show you the rash?” Jessica asked.

Now the teacher was getting turned on and his penis started taking over part of his brain capacity. With that, her suggestion sounded like a fair and reasonable idea.


After a few minutes, the teacher stopped and looked. “There is no rash” he said. “Thank god, that’s a relief!” Jessica said. “Thankyou so much for checking, I really owe you a favor” she said. “It would only be fair if I return the favor, wouldn’t it?” Jessica asked rhetorically and grabbed the teacher’s cock through his pants. Before he could react, she had zipped down his pants and put his cock in her mouth. The teacher found a way in his head to find it perfectly reasonable.


“Oh, it’s not properly erect” Jessica said “I’m so sorry” she continued “Maybe this will help” she said and lifted her shirt over her head. She helped the teacher off with his shirt too.


Soon after they were both naked, in the name of repaying the favor and of making sure that his cock is erect. The teacher was unable to think clearly – which is understandable – and Jessica was doing an amazing job at manipulating him.

Them both being naked now, Jessica took the next natural step. “I think it will work best if you just put your penis in my pussy. Come on”. Jessica dragged him to the table, lied on her back and started pulling his penis into her pussy. It already being in, the teacher was not man enough to stop, of course, and now started fucking her without extra motivation needed. Meanwhile, the hidden camera caught the whole thing. Jessica was successful!


Jessica had had a difficult mission – but she completed it very well – and now, at least, she would be free from her $30.000 debt. Provided that she is able to recruit two more girls within a month, of course.

9 thoughts on “The Pyramid – Part 10: Entrapment by escort”

  1. Hey junior – Eroslavia is just more difficult to write stories for, so I don’t know what to write. Rather than write something even more crappy than my usual standard, I decided to not write anything at all.

  2. 🙁 I used to visit Eroslavia so often I could have made it my home page. Have you considered asking for submissions from other writers and running it as a shared universe like the CCC?

  3. Picklepuss, I just think that idea would require some more structure to the universe. I currently don’t really know the universe well enough and I think others would be even more confused than me …

  4. Grinch, having structure won’t always help with that. I have tons of “structure” at my school site and people still post things that don’t fit within it all the time… I don’t think structure actually helps here as much as people give it credit for. The CCC is another good example of that. People make stuff all the time that goes outside the already fluid structure they had and make it their own. It’s just the way it is.

    But people also write things on my site that make it make more sense than I even thought to put into it. I’ve added to my “structure” and world because of these creations of others. If you open it up to others you may find that the structure you are looking for actually finds you.

    But, that’s for you to decide what’s right for your world.

    1. Dragavan, thankyou so much for your advice. Part of it is also that no one actually requested to write for Eroslavia. I think it would take activity away from CCC and I really think that CCC should get all the activity that’s available in the community.

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