The Pyramid – Part 11: Used in advertising

We realized we had found a unique way of getting a lot of different women owing favors that could be used for things that you would not normally think of. This gave us unique possibilities.

We can’t really take credit for it, but at a gym with dropping membership numbers, they called us and suggested something we would never have thought of ourselves.


We sent a girl out to the gym, following the instructions of the gym. They paid handsomely, but they wanted to be able to choose along the way what they wanted the girl to do.

Their main idea was simply to get a hot girl to their gym and let others see her there, making it more interesting. And they also wanted her to strip a bit to create a spectacle, something that people would remember.


They decided to have the girl let her shirt slide up and observe the reactions of the other people of the gym. The other people looked and were amazed at the scene but didn’t know what to do. They didn’t stop exercising, but they did turn their attention to the girl.

To their surprise, the girl didn’t start covering herself up, but just kept exercising. Surreal.

Meanwhile, the gym owners were observing. They wanted to create a spectacle, but not scare anyone away. As they saw that no one was scared from this, they decided to take it a step further.


Yes, they had her slide her shorts off too and just continue working out. This really made a few of the guys stop the workout for a while and look. The gym owners were happy to see that the people were not scared. In fact, it seemed like the people in the gym were trying to act nonchalant, so that they wouldn’t make that wonder of a naked girl working out, stop what she was doing.

The gym owners dared to make the scene even more rememberable.


She was stretching on the floor of the gym. Most of the guys had stopped working out now or slowed down. They were in shock. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The gym owners were happy at this point, they were sure that they had now created a spectacle that every person in the gym would be talking about to their buddies for a long, long time to come.

That’s when the gym owners got a great idea, that they hadn’t even thought of in the beginning. Why not have a so-called personal trainer interact with her. Give her a really good workout that she and everyone else would remember. The people watching had been so cool about it, that the gym owners were not afraid of taking it to the next level.


It worked out really well, literally. Combining the exercise equipment with moving up and down on a cock seemed somehow plausible. Of course, everyone in the gym was in shock and had never seen anything like this, this would be a day they would remember for the rest of their lives. The gym owners were sure that lots of customers would come back, customers that would have otherwise given up on working out, but that would come back, day after day, just in case something like this would happen again.

It was a success. The ‘instructor’ eventually came in the girl and the workout ended. The girl took her clothes and left for the showers. As a final gesture, she went to the showers in the men’s changing room, like it was the most natural thing in the world. People were talking about this for years … the success of utilizing The Pyramid this way spread from the owners of the gym to other business owners.

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