The surprise

I always seem to get us into some mess. I had been expecting this huge promotion, that I had been waiting on forever. I had been with my company for 15 years, this was mine. I was so sure it would be all mines, I went out and bought us a brand new house.

It was perfect timing because our anniversary was this upcoming weekend, and so the house was the perfect start to it.

I told her I had a surprise for her, that we would be leaving shortly for it, and to put on something sexy.

While she got dressed I got a phone call from my boss saying that I didn’t get the promotion. My heart dropped in my stomach because now I couldn’t afford this house and I had to call the owners and tell them.

We talked a while and they worked out a deal with me, that I could keep my house and pay as I needed, on one condition.

The owners that are a group of black guys could fuck my wife once a week, all of them, starting today. Just wait until I had to tell her this.


We arrived at the house and I led her in, covering her eyes.“What is this big surprise you have for me? she says, and “why did you want me to wear my red sexy dress? Is it something romantic?”

Helen had no idea what was going on, but she was excited to find out. I started with the great news first. Welcome to your new home honey, I want you to know how much you deserve it. She was ecstatic, but I continued, I didn’t get the promotion, which is how I was going to pay for this.

I called the owners and they are willing to work out a deal with me, I walked her to the room where 4 black guys were waiting.

“What is this? What’s going on?” she said.

Helen had no idea that I had borrowed a lot of money to buy this house in anticipation of that promotion I never got. Now they were here to collect, I just couldn’t tell her that.

I explained the situation to her. “We have no money to pay them, so they suggested an alternative

“Jake, me? Am I your payment alternative ?” she asked me.

“It was the only way” I explained. They introduced themselves while groping her. Then they started getting themselves and my wife naked, right in front of me.

One of the guys reached under my wifes dress and was surprised not to find any panties. That’s how she always wears her sexy dress.


“And now what is this deal you made with them exactly?” she asked me, while they continued tearing her dress off.

Their cocks were in their hands and they began fondling her breast.


Helen was in shock, but let out a slight moan as they pinched her nipples.

“Am I supposed to give them all blowjobs or what? Or even …?” Helen couldn’t put into words what she wanted to ask.

I filled in the missing words for her.

“Yes, Helen, all of it, you have to sit on it. It’s the only way or they will destroy the house and maybe us too – and we will still have to pay”.


Helen sat down on the cock, perhaps a little too willingly. I would have liked a little more resistance and arguing than this, but she sat down on the cock and started fucking him.

The others kept their cocks in her face and let her jack them and suck them off.


“I hope you’re happy” Helen said, in-between cocks.

“What part of this is supposed to make me happy?” I asked “This sucks, but look at it this way – you are saving us and our family. Think of that for round 2”


He lifted her up, lubed her ass and carefully sat her ass back down on his cock and let it press its way in. She looked like she was enjoying it with her loud moans.


She didn’t look tired and she was taking it like a pro. In round 3 she slowly slid up and down on the cock in her ass, and the other guy slid his cock into her pussy.


It was not only sexy as hell, but it was also a logistical masterpiece to be able to time it so well, bumping up and down on the cock in her ass, and forwards into the cock in her pussy, where the guy had to move in the same rhythm.

Clearly not their first rodeo.

They each took turns fucking her until they one by one came over her face and ass.


“Honey, I gotta tell you, I am not mad at you, I am disappointed,” she said.  “You can’t be borrowing all this money without consulting me, and you can definitely not promise me away as a prostitute to pay it back! Never do this again” she commanded me.

“OK, OK, I won’t,” I said “I will not be borrowing any more money. But we are still not done here. They are coming back every Sunday afternoon to give us another extension. They said they don’t know who or how many are coming, but the good news is, there is no time limit on this deal, so we can pay them back whenever we have the money!”

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