The Unexpected Survey

Saturday is my cleaning day, I’m so busy during the week I can’t get anything done. I get to let my hair down, and stroll around in my birthday suit, with the breeze between my legs.

The day I look forward to the most, only this Saturday after cleaning I had taken a seat for a second and somehow drifted off to sleep.

I had agreed to participate in a survey and forgot all about it.  I was napping when the Surveyor got there. He had rung the bell and tried the door when no one answered he turned the knob to see that It was open.


I woke up completely surprised to see this man in my living room and had a look of shock on my face.

Hi, I’m Barry, the surveyor.

“Oh yes, of course,” I said so embarrassedly I had forgotten all about it.

I apologized a few times about him having to wait and come in and find me like this.


“Have a seat please, my apologies,” I said.

“So this survey, right, we were supposed to do some interview about my habits, right? I asked, trying to remember the details.

“First some background questions,” Barry said. He asked about my job, education, day-to-day habits, and other mundane things.

After about 10 minutes, I interrupted his talking, “Oh, I almost forgot where are my manners, Can I get you a water or coffee or something?”


“Water is fine,” Barry said.

I rushed to the kitchen completely forgetting what I was wearing, my Saturday relax wear.

I hurried and got a fresh ice cold glass of water, as I gave it to him I glanced at my outfit, OH my goodness I apologize so much for my attire.

And then I went into a high-speed explanation ” I was cleaning my house, it’s my Saturday thing, I am so embarrassed.”

Barry stopped me ” It’s your home you dress as you please, and I’m enjoying the view”

I blushed, was that flirting he just did?


“Well thank you, Mr. Barry.”

I sat back down and the tone and conversation kind of changed.

We laughed about the whole situation and his whole experience since he had gotten there, and then he noticed my tattoos and started asking questions about them.


I lifted up my shirt and showed him one of my tattoos. “It’s a poem I wrote” and recited it. He actually really like it, and then he took off his shirt to show me his.

“hope you don’t mind you shared yours, thought I should share mines”

“No not at all,” I said examining his tattoos closely. He had a lot of tattoos, and they looked sexy on him.


Barry coughed. “OK” … “So, is that your only tattoo?” I mean it’s cute.

I gave a devilish grin and proceeded to show him my other works of art.

“I have this one, right here on my collarbone,” and this on my arm, and that’s it for my tatts, but I also have this.

I lifted my shirt and showed him my pierced pussy.


Barry stopped and looked in amazement, “wow that is something.”

“you mind If I take a closer look at it?”

I replied, “not at all.”

he guided me to have a seat and then lied me down and started kissing my pussy, kissing all around my piercing. I was moaning and squirming like crazy, I definitely wasn’t expecting this.


He went from kissing my pussy to licking it slowly and then fast.

Barry was magnificent at eating pussy, I was in pure ecstasy.

Then he suddenly stopped got undressed fully and started to slap his dick on my pussy, getting her nice and ready for him to ram me.


He slowly pushed his dick inside me, then he slowly pulled it out again until it was almost all the way out. Then he started slowly increasing speed, pushing his dick all the way in and then out.

I started moaning louder and heavier, and so was he. His dick had my pussy dripping over everything and I was yelling for more and to go deeper.

Barry followed directions and pleased my pussy just the way I liked.


Then Barry turned me on my side and fucked me in that position slowly for about 5 minutes and then took his speed up more and more. He was moaning louder and louder and starting to fuck me harder and harder.

I started moaning telling Barry I was about to cream all over his dick, and just as I was creaming Barry came all over my ass.


He rested beside me a while and we burst out laughing and engaged in small conversation afterward.

” Well, that doesn’t happen everyday huh?’

I responded, “no it sure doesn’t.”

” But I enjoyed myself, and it was the best survey I have ever taken, feel free to stop by a survey anything.” I smiled and he chuckled and replied: ” Well I know how to let myself in.”

Barry left and I added another this to my list of reasons why I love Saturday.

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