The unlikely wedding gift

It was the day before her wedding and Nikki was having her wedding pictures taken by a photographer. Him, and his assistant who took care of lighting, were taking the pictures that Nikki would see and hopefully remember her wedding day by for the rest of her life.

The pictures were beautiful. At one point, though, Nikki misunderstood the photographers instructions to understand that she should separate her knees. He had said that, but it was because she was sitting in a very awkward position.


To the camera mans surprise, she didn’t hesitate to spread her legs. She just did what the photographer had asked her to do. Even though he didn’t intend for her to understand it that way, he whispered something to his lighting guy. He had noticed how promptly she had followed his instruction and wanted to try it out a little more.

He asked her politely. “Please tilt a little back – and please move your panties slightly aside”. Nikki didn’t react as promptly this time, but asked “Uhm, what is this for?”

“I don’t know” the photographer said “I’m just taking the pictures. This is what your husband-to-be instructed us to do”.

“Oh” Nikki said, and did as she was asked.


“Oh my god, she’s doing it” the light guy whispered. It was a whisper but in his excitement he whispered quite loudly. “Sshhh” the photographer said. “What?” Nikki said, thinking she heard someone say something. “Uhm, I was saying, please sit on the bed” the photographer said, thinking quickly.

The photographer put the camera on a table and they both sat in the bed behind her, meanwhile the camera was taking pictures.


“Uhm, why are you in the picture?” Nikki asked. “Oh that” the photographer replied “Your husband asked for proof that we were here”. “Oh” Nikki said, thinking that was a weird thing to ask for, but concentrated on posing for the camera.

“Your upper thighs should be visible on the picture” the photographer said, and pulled her dress up. “Take it like this” he said and positioned her between them.


“That’s good” the photographer said. “These pictures will be memorable to you and your husband-to-be. Are you ready for the underwear pictures?”

“Wait a minute” Nikki said “Why are you grabbing my thighs – and what underwear pictures are you talking about?”

“Listen, lady, we only have 30 minutes, we can’t complete the set if you keep asking all these questions” the photographer said. “Your husband wants pictures of your underwear – it DID cost him a bundle!”

The assistant pulled her dress off.


“Hey!” Nikki’s reaction was surprisingly not from from the fact that she was in a bed with two strangers, wearing just underwear, the day before her wedding. It was because while pulling her dress off, they also had pulled her bra down and was now both massaging her nipples.

“What is this?” Nikki asked. “Your husband likes when your nipples are a little stiff”

“Uhm, yes, I guess, but …” Nikki never finished the sentence. She was distracted by her nipples being massaged. She might as well enjoy it, while the photographer and the assistant were preparing her nipples for the pictures, to make them just the way her husband likes them.

“Now it’s naked time!” the photographer said and started pulling her panties off. “Your husband wants to remember how you looked in all your beauty at your wedding day – that way he can recall it when you are both older”.

“Really!? But … ” Nikki didn’t know what to say, but her panties were coming off and her bra was already falling off. “But, but … why are you getting naked?” Her question was warranted, because both the photographer and the assistant was getting naked too.


“Well, your husband likes to see that other men think you are hot too. That enhances the feeling of how desirable you must be” the photographer explained. “I don’t know – you’re both having boners” Nikki correctly observed. “We sure do, the evidence that we find you desirable. What would your husband think if we were here in bed with you, you being naked and we didn’t even have boners. He would be so disappointed.”

“I don’t know …” Nikki said. She was obviously starting to feel uncomfortable with the situation. “Sit like this” the photographer said. Her head was now pointing towards his own cock, with the assistant lining up behind her. “Wait, what are you gonna do?”

“We will fuck you – uhm …” the photographer was running out of good ideas, perhaps due to less blood running through his head “your husband would have wanted it?”

“Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound like my husband. Did he really say all these things?” Nikki was REALLY getting skeptical now.

“What!?” the photographer then said “You don’t believe your husband said these things, but you still got naked with us and let us take pictures of the whole thing!? … what kind of wife are you? …and you let us play with your nipples!”

“Ohh, uhm … No – of course I believe that my husband said those things” Nikki then said “Otherwise I would of course never have allowed you to do all those things”

“Oh good, let’s proceed then”


“Oww, ohh, ahhh, uhh …” Nikki was making some weird sounds. It was coming from a mixture of being surprised, it feeling good, being confused and probably a little pain too.

“You should be sucking my cock while you’re being fucked” the photographer said and pushed her head down. With his help, she sucked for about 10 seconds before she pulled away. “I would really never have thought this is how my husband wanted our wedding pictures to be like”

“Sure” the photographer said. “Let’s switch”. He switched with his assistant, laid her on her back and fucked her.


“Do you do this a lot?” Nikki asked. “Not really” the photographer said in all honesty “your husband is quite a special kind of guy to make a request like this”.

“I know!” Nikki said. “He is very special. If it wasn’t because he asked me to, I would never do something like this. But I’d do everything for him.”

The photographer nodded, while fucking her and smiling at the camera. “You don’t say”.

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