The unusual patient

I don’t get many female patients. We’re a team of doctors and usually the female patients prefer the female doctors and the male patients prefer … well, the male patients don’t seem to discriminate as much.

So when Irina booked an appointment with me, I asked her whether she didn’t want a female doctor.


She declined, saying she wanted a more experienced doctor and didn’t care about anything else.

I agreed and asked her to undress. She was complaining about a stomach ache and that requires me to investigate several possibilities, even a vaginal investigation could be relevant if no other clues were to be found.

I listened to her stomach first. That would be the first possible place to find a clue.


“It all sounds normal” I told her.

I listened to her lungs too, looked down her throat, tested her for tension and it was all normal. “Does this feel painful?” I asked and squeezed her arm. “No, it feels normal” she explained.

The next exam would have to a vaginal exam. It’s not an exam I perform very often, but I still knew how to perform it from medical school and what to look for.

“Excuse me miss, please lie down”. I explained the procedure to her.


I had to insert a small device and then take a sample which would take about 10 minutes to test by the lab. I handed the test to the lab and when I came back Irina smiled at me. She had noticed that I sported a boner. Although I’m a professional, I’m not completely immune to a naked beautiful woman in front of me.

To my surprise, she reached in under my lab coat and rubbed my boner on the outside of my pants.

“Oh no mam, please don’t”


She giggled.

“Oh come on, Doctor, what else are we going to do for the next 10 minutes while we’re waiting for the test results” she said.

She opened my pants and grabbed my cock. My head was spinning, trying to think about the ethical consequences.


I should not be having sexual relations with a patient. But this patient was definitely coming on to me and not vice versa, so what would actually be the ethical implications of this? Perhaps this was not such a big ethical problem after all.

Perhaps it was just a stroke of luck or perhaps my judgement was impaired by my boner.

“Why not?” I finally said to myself and her and threw my clothes off and jumped on the bed with her. Her pussy was already moist from the exam and my cock slipped right in.

What a great way to spend 10 minutes, I thought to myself.


I started fucking her and really gave her a good banging. Well, as it turned out, we didn’t seem to need the full 10 minutes. I could feel the rush quickly rising in me for every thrust in her. After just about 20 thrusts I could feel the point of no return. I hadn’t cum this quickly for the last 30 years.

I got a last minute sense of ethics just when I was cumming and resisted the temptation of cumming in her.


She smiled up at me and then laughed. She then looked towards her hand bag that she had put on the table and said “Smile!”

I instinctively smiled and looked at the bag but my smile stiffened when I saw the camera.


“What … you’ve been recording this?” I didn’t understand what was going on.

“Yes – I think you are not supposed to do this kind of thing with your patients” she said, suddenly not smiling any more. “You will provide me with free medicine every month or this recording goes public” she threatened me.

She got me. I would have to give endless amount of medicine for the rest of my career because of this one failed judgement call.

I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders. “Worth it”.

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