The Unwilling Flirt

I have been told many times by girlfriends and others that I flirt way too much. I never understood that. I don’t flirt, I am just being myself, but somehow people see that and then they think that I’m flirting.

I work as a massage therapist and more times than once has my unwilling flirting got me in trouble with a client.

It is very common for my clients to come on to me and my friends tell me this is because I am flirting or wearing provocative clothing. Well, feminism is here. I should wear what I am comfortable with. Am I supposed to put on a big coat on a hot summer day just so some guys don’t catch a bit of leg.


I am just arriving at this client and I can already feel his eyes on me – as if he has never seen a girl in a summer dress before.

I have learnt to take precautions. For example, more often than not, I blindfold my clients for the massage. That way they don’t look at me and think I am somehow flirting with them.


Now my friends tell me not to get undressed with my clients. They may have a point but they are also very unrealistic. What am I going to do? Ruin a perfectly good summer dress?

I just cannot see that it is my problem and of course I get undressed before the massage. The client is blindfolded anyway and my summer dress is ready and unspoiled for when I’m done.


Another good reason to take the summer dress off is simply customer service.

It’s not nice to have itchy fabric rubbing against you when you are being massaged. Instead, I sense that my clients prefer my smooth skin over itchy fabric.


You may wonder – if the client is lying with his head down, why do I even bother with the blindfold?

That’s a good question and did take me a few tries before I thought of that procedure.

The thing is, about half-way through the massage, the client is asked to turn around. At that time it is good to make sure the client is blindfolded. Otherwise they would think I am “flirting”.

Now, my friends also tell me that it sends the wrong signals that I some times rub my pussy against the clients now hard cock. Well, where else am I going to sit if I need to massage him on the chest? They probably want me to sit by his head and rub my breasts in his face. How is that any better?


My system definitely works. I am sure of it.

But some times the client is simply not following the system. My friends tell me its the system thats wrong, but if the client would just follow the system, there would be no problem.

Some times the client cannot help himself and will just peak out from under his blindfold.


Of course, yes, then I can understand his reaction. With the blindfold on, this is just a normal massage. With the blindfold off, here he is suddenly with a naked lady on top of his body. That’s a totally different situation. That’s why I always tell the client to keep his blindfold on, but some times they just forget.

And then I do understand they get horny and start fucking me. Of course I do.


But it’s not because I am flirting! It’s because they remove their blindfold, even though I told them not to do that!

By this time they are usually really horny and they don’t last long.

I am trained in reading the situation and understand when they are soon cumming. As a sort of health professional, it is my responsibility to make sure they don’t cum in me. So I always make sure they pull out and finish them off in my mouth or at least I try.


I do get a good tip on days like this and these are also quite often repeat customers. So it’s not all bad.

But it’s not flirting!

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