Theme party – humiliation

I was at another theme party. Every week we had a new theme. Some times we dressed up as pirates, some times we had to wear something blue and one other time we had the pimps’n’ho theme, which was fun because all us girls got an excuse to dress up slutty.

This particular party was a ‘humiliation’ themed party, and it was kind of mysterious, because no one was told the how the exact theme would be beforehand, just the rules.


I had reviewed the rules carefully. I knew that the guys some times would try to make up themes where they could see some skin on the girls. The pimps and ho’s party is a good example of that. This one seemed pretty fun though. At some point in the party, someone would be humiliated. I reviewed the rules to ensure it was fair.

  1. Everyone at the party will be completely evenly eligible to be picked to be humiliated.

    OK, that’s pretty good. I had suspected that they would somehow ensure that it was a woman who was picked and stripped down or something. Now it’s at least fair.

  2. Only one person will be picked, even if there are 40 or 50 people at the party

    That’s nice. So it’s highly unlikely I will be the one picked, but I will still have the fun of watching someone else get humiliated. That’s neat 🙂

  3. The humiliation will be picked beforehand.

    Ahh, excellent. So they won’t suddenly change the humiliation if they see it’s a hot girl that gets picked or something, or suddenly tone it down if one of their friends are picked. And because of the first rule, that says everyone is evenly and fairly eligible to get picked, they won’t have the guts to pick anything too harsh.

It had been a fun few hours. I had noticed I was the only girl at the party, but it was kind of fun anyway. “OK, it’s time to pick the winner” the host said. “Now, the rules said for it to be completely fair for everyone who gets picked, so we will all join under the same conditions. That means ALL of us. No tricks” he reassured. “Although, if someone still wants to back out, they should do it NOW! If you stay and then end up getting picked and then complaining about the humiliation, it would be unfair to the rest who was also just as likely to get picked” he continue.

“And just to be clear, the humiliation is already pre-selected and is in this envelope” he said and held up a sealed envelope.


They had recorded everything he had said, so it would be clear what he promised. I liked that, we would have proof that he promised it would be fair.

I was certainly satisfied that they were in fact following all the rules and decided to stay. After all, there was at least 15 of us there, so it was quite unlikely I would get picked.

“Good” he said, seeing that no one left. “Now, since it has to be even for everyone, everyone will get exactly one vote. No one can vote twice, it has to be equal for everyone. Now, vote” he said and everyone scribbled down a name.

Not exactly as random as I had hoped for, but I had to admit that it was equal for everyone.

When I heard it was a vote, I had a feeling I would get picked. I was right. “Linda”, “Linda”, “Linda”. He kept repeating my name, as he pulled out the noted of the box.

“Linda, you’re it” he said and pulled out the envelope. He took the note out “Ahh, it says here you have to be gang banged, cum on and humiliated”.

What!? I couldn’t believe it. Did they have the nerve to expect that of me. That’s crazy. But no more crazy than that the host held my arms and pushed me backwards towards the table.


He ripped my top off and my skirt away and I was not only aware of what was happening to me, also that it was being filmed.

“Stop it, this is crazy!! I’m not going along with this”. He didn’t really stop. “And remove that camera!” I continued.

“Don’t worry about the camera” he said “we won’t keep the pictures. According to the rules, we can only do what it said in the envelope, so we’ll delete the tape afterwards.”


He ripped my panties aside and a guy started fucking me. The camera still rolling. They were too many for me to stop them.

“You’re not going to get me to accept this!!” I still yelled “and that’s on the tape too, you know!” I was right, but it didn’t matter. They kept fucking me and “We can edit it however we please” he said, “that is if you don’t cooperate – if you do, we will delete it, we will comply with the rules. Will you?”

I had to comply and accepted the cock being pushed towards my mouth.


After what must’ve been like 45 minutes, they had all fucked me and cum on me. They came on my face. I didn’t give them the satisfaction of swallowing but I guess I had to let them cum on me. Couldn’t really stop them anyway and might as well cooperate to ensure the tape is deleted.


After they were all done, I wiped off the cum and went out to shower it off. I couldn’t get it off quickly enough.

When I came back a few of the guys giggled. The camera guy was still filming. “OK, now delete the tape like you promised” I said in a commanding tone. “Sure” the camera guy said “as soon as you complete what was in the envelope.” Huh, I had been gang banged, cum on and humiliated. I took a look at the note he had previously read to me. “…and humiliated by walking out on the street with cum in your face” it read.

“What, I didn’t see that!? OK, why not, cum on my face, I’ll do it! Just delete the damn tape”

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