Tipping strategies

I work as a waitress at close to minimum wage, but luckily people give a lot of tips. I help it along a bit with my outfit. I wear the skirt a little short and I tie up my top to show my sexy belly.


I calculated the tip I need for each evening. Fridays and Saturdays I get way more than that. Thursdays I get enough too, but I have to work a little harder for it.

Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays are tough.

Here I am on a Monday, giving big smiles all around and chatting and flirting with the customers.


As you can see, there are not a lot of customers. When there are fewer customers, I have to work harder to get the same tip.

One little trick that I know is to let my skirt ride up a little and let the guests see me panties. It’s an innocent little thing, I know it makes them crazy and that’s when they give the best tips.


However, Mondays do need a little help. Some times I will flirt a little more, for example, I will give a little kiss or something like that to a guest that I think will be a good tipper.


Another thing I can do is to join the fun. This is especially a good idea if there are not too many other women in the bar. On this particular Monday, there are just three guests, all guys.

So I dance with them a little, make sure the party keeps going on what would otherwise be a slow Monday.


So yeah, that’s what I do. I kiss on the cheek, I let them grab me a little here and there. And what is a kiss really? It’s my mouth touching their cheek or mouth.

Or even, some times, I kiss them on the penis. I know what you’re thinking – that’s kind of wild. Well, I thought so at first, but I got used to the thought.


Think about it … a kiss is pretty much a kiss, no matter where it is, isn’t it. And boy, does this increase my tip. The boys like this kind of kiss.

Now, you may think I drop my panties to earn even more tips. But no, I have a limit too, I wouldn’t do that. I keep my panties on at all times. I’m not a slut.

Of course, some times the dance can get a little rough and the boys can get excited, that leads to them getting over eager.


I keep my panties on at all time, but there is something else … you know when you go to the beach and see all these topless people? Well, there are lots of beaches like that.

… but if you go topless or let a nipple slip when you’re INDOOR, then the guys go crazy again. It’s really the same thing, but by changing the setting, the guys go crazy and tip even more.

Here I’ve let my nipples slip to get a little more tip.


That’s how I make sure to get around the same tip regardless of whether there are 300 guests or just 3.

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