Too good to be true – Part 4

After I came from that job I decided to look up the company that blazer guy was coming from. They were basically pimping me out now and although I had agreed to the contract, I wanted to check out whether I could skip on the contract if I wanted to.

When I looked them up and I was surprised to see that they have ties to organized crime and that they had been under suspicion for several missing person cases. They had a slick lawyer that seemed to always show up and get them off. Not in that way.

When they called again, they told me to meet them at a hairdresser. “We have a special client for you – but they request you color your hair”.

I sat in the salon for about 2 hours while the coloured my hair and then I was ready for this client.

“How does this job pay?” I asked, hoping they wouldn’t take offense at the question and hoping this would be one of those good paying jobs.

“This one job is $80,000”

“Yes!” I said, loudly. Finally one of the good jobs – I would be so much closer to completing the contract after this job. I did not even think to ask about what the job was.

With my hair colored, it gave me quite a different look.


They were back to taking pictures of me and filming me. Felt comfortable in a way, rather than being driven from house to house and pumped full of cum.

While I was smiling to the camera, my smile stiffened, as four big black men entered the stage and started groping me and taking my clothes off.


I wasn’t sure exactly what was planned for me but I had my suspicion. It was clearly going in only one direction with them stripping me naked and the guys getting naked as well with their big boners rubbing up against me.

Minutes later and they had started fucking me, one by one.


Well, I say one by one, but actually they went at it at least two at a time. One pushing his cock in my mouth and another fucking me.

I felt like I took control, in a way, when I got on top of one of the guys and now I was the one fucking him. Yeah, it was good. I gave me confidence.


What I hadn’t understood, though, was that two guys were now unoccupied and I had one hole left fully exposed.

Yes, you guessed it. One of the other guys pushed his very hard but slippery cock into my ass hole and fucked me hard.


Apparently my ass was that irresistible to him, that he actually came after just a short while. “Damn” I could hear him mutter.

The other guy didn’t care much about the cum, he just took his place and started fucking me in the ass as well. He held on a little better.

“Smile to the camera” blazer guy said and I tried.


The guy I was blowing started cumming my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth so I couldn’t help but swallow the cum.

The guy I was riding was cumming as well, in my pussy. Finally, the guy fucking me in the ass, pulled out and came all over my face. I felt quite spent.


I lied in the couch for about 5 minutes and was at this time sure that the job was over, but then a fifth guy came over and led me to the pool table and fucked me from behind.


Finally the day was over and the $80,000 was earned. 5% was mine and that was – well difficult math that I don’t want to do right now. Irrelevant anyway, as I wouldn’t see any of that money until I had completed me contract. Just $105,000 left to earn but it turned out to be the most difficult one.

The trend of gang bangs continues, some times they were filmed, other times not.


The next job paid, $30,000. The one after that just $15,000 and soon after I was earning just $2000 per job. That is, I would get just 5% of that!

I looked through the contract several times looking for a minimum amount in there but it wasn’t there. When they started sending me on gang bang jobs for $50 per time, I started complaining and they lent me money for food. The money they lend me accrued interest and soon after I was earning less than the interest I was paying them.

Anyway, still, the big payout was waiting for me, right around the corner – if only I could work a little harder, I would get the big payout. About $20,000 cash! Almost mine!

The End

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