Training for war

What is being a soldier all about. It’s about war. All the time. That’s the purpose of the soldier. When you’re not in war, you’re training for war. That’s what I am doing right now.


It’s not visible, but I have an earpiece on, where my sergent is giving me instructions. For example, he instructed me to crouch behind this tree.

Instructions is perhaps not the correct word. Orders. Yes. Orders is what he is giving me. What’s the different, you might ask? Well, instructions is a guideline on how to do something, but you choose whether to do it like that or even do it at all. Orders are different. You get an order and then you just do it!

For example, I just got an order to sneak up on a guy and grab him. So I did it. No questions asked.


I am a good soldier. I grabbed him and he has no chance of getting way. Well, I am not being rough on him. it’s just for pretend. No, this is not actually war. So it must be training for war.

Training for war. Think about it. How can you do that? War is about life and death and training for war is about … well … being ready for life and death. That’s why you orders. It’s true. You are not supposed to think about the fact that an order has a consequence, such as risking your life. When you learn to follow an order, you also learn not to think. Just do.

That’s why I didn’t hesitate when I was ordered to force his pants off him.


I put my knife at his throat and started trying to get his pants off. It took a bit of struggling doing it with one hand, so I helped with the other hand.

It didn’t take long before I had his pants off. I was then ordered to take off my own pants. I did as ordered, of course. We were now both bottomless. What a weird situation. I knew that the maneuver had an effect on the guy, because his cock was getting stiffer.

This is when I got an awkward order. “Wiggle your pussy down on his cock”. I asked my sergent to repeat the order in my earpiece, but I heard him right. I hesitated and I am embarrassed about it. It took a few seconds for me to fully understand it. This is training for war. Not war. My sergent cannot give me an order that will risk my life, so he has to find another order that is likely to make me hesitate. That’s the only way I can train for the time when I’m in war and my sergent has to give me an order that will risk my life. Then, there will be no time to hesitate. This is obviously the point that my sergent was proving.

I wiggled down on his cock as ordered.


Needless to say, the guy did not resist. I slided up and down on his cock and kept going – I still tried to listen for new orders as I did it, but I didn’t get any. Not right away, anyway.

After 5 minutes, I was given another order. I was not going to let any of his cum avoid my mouth. My mouth, I thought to myself – I was positioned completely wrong for that. That’s when I heard the guy’s breathing getting heavier, so I spent no time thinking about he order, I just jumped off, pushed him up against a tree and sucked his cock to the very best of my ability.


He came in my mouth. Yes! Mission accomplished. I knew what this was a metaphor for in this war training. I had been ordered into combat and I had prevailed. I had come out of combat unharmed. It had not been pleasent, it had not been comfortable for me. War is not comfortable. It’s about following orders to do things you would otherwise not do.

But what is that. What is that cum dripping from the corner of my mouth. Oh no, it’s falling down – it hit the ground. Oh no, I’ve failed. I thought I had made it, but I failed. I thought I had come safely out of combat, but I got wounded. That’s a lesson. Don’t think you’re out until you’re really out. Don’t lose concentration until it’s really over.

When I was finished with the training of the day, I went back to the barracks – had a good nights sleep and when I woke up, would you believe it, I was sent out to do almost the same exercise.


At first I thought, why did I have to repeat the exercise – I had already gone through all of this. Then again, why not follow orders. It would be failing as a soldier not to follow orders.

The day after, I was sent out yet again, to fuck another guy. You know, the thought crossed my mind that they were taking advantage of me, while of course giving me valuable training. The thought came back when I was sent back to the same location yet again, with the same result.

Had I been taken advantage of all these times or was this really the kind of training I was supposed to undergo. I had to believe the latter – I couldn’t bear the thought that I had been taken advantage of. That’s also why, that when a soldier was filming while two other soldiers were fucking me at the same time, I believed the explanation that they needed it for training purposes. I had to.

I guess if they had started out behaving the way they did now, I would have said stop. I would have not followed the order, but I had already gone this far. After some weeks, they didn’t even send me out first. They just fucked me right there in the barracks. Some times they even formed a line.

I thought they had crossed a line when I noticed soldiers from other squads coming over to the barracks to fuck me. I started noticing that people who were not even soldiers, were paying an admission fee at the entrance of the barracks, then went right over to me and start fucking me, no questions asked. Some times I protested, but the answer was the same each time. “It’s an order”.

During one night where they had brought me to a bar and ordered my clothes of me, I didn’t get any rest throughout the night or morning and at some point, I couldn’t see any soldiers nearby. One guy used the “It’s an order” line on me as he fucked me, but I protested. “You can’t give me order, you’re not from the army.” The guy then nudged a nearby sleeping soldier and woke him up. The waking soldier just looked up, and sleepily said “It’s an order”. I had to obey an order, didn’t I?

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