Tricking guys

Mark Samson has been running a business for years now, allowing women to trick guys. Mark has agreed to do an interview explaining his business and the moral implications of it.

Tell me about the business you’ve been running for the last couple of years?

Let me start by telling you where the need comes from. Jenny here wants to have a child, but she can’t afford artificla insemination and she is afraid of simply going to a bar and pick up some guy. Instead she contacts me.


Jenny wants a child, but being a single mother in this day and age is not easy – well certainly not as a easy as when you’re a single mother getting child support from the father. My system provides this opportunity for Jenny.

So how does it work exactly?

Let me take you through the entire process. First step is to advertise for Jenny. We won’t put her real name out and Jenny isn’t her real name either. We put her picture out and simply write “Interested” and then a phone number. It is critical that we do not provide too much information at this point.


So who calls this number?

It varies a lot, but in terms of gender, it’s males only. Usually the man will casually ask whether he will have to pay for this and of course the answer is no. Next step the man is invited to a motel room we rented for this purpose. He will find Jenny lying in the bed and me with a contract ready for him to sign.

What does the contract say?

It says lots of things, but the main topic is “I hereby affirm that I am going to have sex with this woman No 97255736” and then it goes on with a lot of details that no one really reads.

Next thing, the man will start fucking Jenny, not able to believe his luck. It’s free, but at the same time, he will have to pay child support later on – the man is usually not fully aware of this and herein lies what some people consider to be a ‘trick’.


Does it say in the contract that he has to pay child support?

No, and that’s the beauty of it. The contract is mostly for identification. Child support is bound by law, so it’s not necessary to mention it in the contract.


What happens if the girl doesn’t become pregnant?

Then nothing happens, she will have to try again another time. But we time it so there is high probability of her getting pregnant.


Did Jenny agree to these pictures being taken?

We take pictures of all clients. Lots of pictures. The girls don’t mind, they understand that we need this for proof in case someone doesn’t want to pay the child support. Expecially the picture of cum dripping out of her is worth a lot should there be any doubt. We call it the money shot.


Do you have any complaints from the men that are being tricked?`

Surprisingly not. After they’re done and the woman is showering, we explain the entire situation to them. We explain how it’s likely that they will have to pay child support and at first they’re worried.

To make it fair to them, we offer them to pay a one-time fee of 30 dollars for us to lose their contract and identity papers. We feel that giving the men this opportunity provides a fair choice for them and then it doesn’t make them feel tricked. Many – actually all – of the men choose this option, providing a nice little extra income for me.

Not all of the women in this programme are equally understanding when I tell them I lost the identity papers, but they usually don’t make a big fuss about it. At that point, they have other things to worry about.

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