Trying to start a modeling agency

I wanted to start a modeling agency. I needed some models to get started, obviously, and put up an ad in the newspaper where offered free sessions for the first 20 models. I was not looking for any nude models, I wanted to break into real high class magazine photography. So I made sure not to mention nudity at all in the ad. Here is what I wrote:

Become a model

You can become a model today. Do you like showing off? Do you like getting attention? Do you like feeling like a million bucks?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please come to our photo session tomorrow at 2 pm. The first 20 models get the session for free!

I thought it was a simple and innocent ad, not promising too much, but letting potential new models know that it could be interesting to become a model, if they are right for the job.

At 2 pm, when I opened the door, I saw at least 50 girls waiting outside my rented studio! I couldn’t believe it! There was no way I could do photo sessions with all of them. I invited the first one in.


It was a cute girl called Tanya.

I had no idea why there were so many girls showing up. I guess I somehow used the right words in my ad.

Tanya was very eager to please.

I wanted to get the pictures done pretty quickly, so I could get to the next girl waiting outside, but maybe it was because Tanya sensed I was rushing through, that she thought she wanted to be sure to get my attention. She opened her blouse while I was taking pictures.


I got very surprised and didn’t know what to do. I thought I just had to take pictures of this, so I guess her strategy worked. She got my attention and I forgot about the other people waiting outside.

“Do I get the job, you think?” she asked and smiled and flirted at me.

“What job?” I asked. I hadn’t advertised any job, I had just asked if people wanting to become a model would come and participate in a free photo session.

She understood it as a challenge and lifted up her skirt, which I discovered did not hide any underwear.


Soon after she also lost the skirt and posed naked on the bed. I hadn’t even asked her to take ANY clothes off, and here she was, completely naked in front of me.

Even though I was enjoying it, I knew I didn’t want nude modelling in my studio and kind of thought I should seize the opportunity and get some more models through the studio today, before they got tired of waiting and left.


But with the effort this girl put into it, I thought ‘why not give her a little more time’.

“Come on, big boy, you know you want to” she said, smiling at me and touching her own pussy.

“Want what?” I said, probably the dumbest anyone had ever said.

“Come over here and fuck me! I want this job, and I’ll do anything to get it!”

That invite was so direct, that I just couldn’t refuse it.


Her pussy was nice and tight – and very wet. Having her pictures taken had apparently turned her on quite a lot.

I fucked her from behind but after a few minutes, she wanted to change position, maybe to please some imaginary camera that she thought was still rolling. That would have been a good idea, but I hadn’t even thought of it.


I had to admit she was good, although she wasn’t really what I was looking for. I enjoyed cumming on her face and see her wide smile while doing it.

That’s when I simply couldn’t help but give her ‘the job’, although I didn’t really have a job for her … I made one up on the spot and gave it to her.

I printed out a certificate and gave it to her, then took a picture of her, holding it up.


Now that I had given her a job, all I had to do was find something for her to do. Maybe making erotic photo shoots could also be a way to go. When I let Lisa out, I saw what I had almost forgot – the remaining 50ish girls, waiting to get their shot at getting a job.

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