Wanted to be popular

Chrissy always wanted to be popular and cool. She was not a cheerleader like most of her friends and the girls that she looked up to, but she had also never tried out for it. She simply hadn’t had the time. Now she did and she bragged to her friends how it would be no problem for her to go directly on the cheerleader team, because she was so talented.

The girls thought they would have a little fun with her and make her arrogance lure her into a fun little bet. If she didn’t become a cheerleader in this round, they would publish some risky pictures of her everywhere on the school. Just so she wouldn’t go back on the bet in case she lost, they took the pictures beforehand, but would of course not publish them unless she lost the bet. Chrissy felt quite sure about that and agreed to do the photoshoot.


This risky photo was the kind of risky quality that the girls had agreed on, but once she was already standing there, having her picture taken, Chrissy’s friends got her to do them a little more risky than that.

Encouraged by the girls, Chrissy let her lure into taking more and more pictures. They teased her every time she was backing out, that she was scared she wouldn’t become a cheerleader. Drunk with arrogance, Chrissy kept giving in to the girls.


They even lured her panties halfway down her butt, before she finally backed out.


Later that week, when Chrissy came into the coaches office, intending to join the cheerleading team, the coach was already on the phone.


He hung up and invited her to sit. “Yes, miss, what is it?” he said, slightly annoyed that she had interrupted her phone call. Obviously from his greeting – ‘miss’ – he had no idea who she was. Bummer.

Chrissy sat down and leaned forward slightly, and said in her sweetest voice “I’d like to join the cheerleader team in this round”.

“Yea, I can’t do that” the coach said. “Sorry”.


Chrissy was stunned, but was certainly not giving up. “Why? I’m very athletic and I am absolutely sure I will be a great cheerleader”

“That may be, miss …”, “Chrissy” she responded. “Chrissy” the coach repeated “but the cheerleader team is already set and submitted to the school council. It’s out of my hands now”.

Chrissy was set back. This she did not expect.

“Hmm” the coach said “maybe we can take a seat in the couch and talk about it”

Chrissy sat down. To her great surprise, the coach grabbed each side of her shorts and panties and started pulling. “Better make you a bit more comfortable”


However reluctant Chrissy was, she was remembering one thing. The nude pictures that would get distributed everywhere on the school if she didn’t get in. She had to avoid that at all cost.

Ok, this is not how she had in mind getting it, but at least it would not be public. She could easily deny that anything ever happened. And the coach wouldn’t be interested in this getting out anyway … so she let him pull the panties off.

The coach certainly didn’t waste time. He lubricated her a little and then inserted his cock in her and started fucking her.


He kept on going without giving any indication of stopping.

Chrissy kept reminding herself what the alternative was – getting humiliated on the entire school and decided it was well worth it to get fucked by the coach.

She also remembered that I was not using any kind of birth control, she didn’t exactly expect to have sex today. She told this to the coach and he slowed down a bit … then he started lubricating her ass hole from a small tube he had in the drawer of the table.

What was he thinking. Was he gonna fuck her in the ass!? No way.

Sure enough, he started poking his dick around her ass. She gave sounds of discomfort and swiftly considered whether to stop it, but that would be ridiculous … then she would get fucked AND the pictures would be published. The decided to ‘take it in’ so to speak.


She was at least satisfied that he would not cum in her pussy, risk getting her pregnant. However, after a few more minutes of fucking, he pulled out and came in her mouth and on her face.

He hadn’t really needed to fuck her in the ass then. Oh well.

She looked up at him and spoke for the first time since he had started fucking her.


She tried mustering a smile with cum still on her mouth. “So when can I start cheerleading practice?”

The coach looked at her. “I already told you, miss, there is nothing I can do” he said “the lists have already been sent to the school council. Didn’t you hear me the first time?”

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  1. Okay, nice story. Not bad.. But ‘she interrupted her phone call’? Not rather ‘his phone call’? And also, if she started to talk the first since he started to fuck her, how the hell did she communicate that she’s not on birth control?

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