Ways for the police to get the information

Hi, I’m Hetty and this is my partner Harry. He is my partner, as in, police partner. We are a team of two, working as narcs. Our job is to get information from people to be able to bust the drug dealers.


We are discussing the different tactics that we can use to get the information we need. You may notice we are not wearing our police uniforms. If we did, we would scare away any of the people that we wanted to talk to. Not only because they would not want to talk to the police at all, but also because they would definitely not want anyone ELSE to see them talking to the police.

This gives me an opportunity to wear a tank top and shorts, which has shown in the past to be an effective means of getting information. Men are such suckers.

“Hey you, can I ask you a question” I yell to a guy walking by.


It’s not any random guy. It’s a guy we’ve previously learned is an acquaintance of a drug dealer in the neighbourhood. We need to know who that drug dealer is. All we have is an alias: Bunyan.

The guy comes over, curious what this nice lady wants to talk to him about. He totally ignores Harry.

We exchange a few words about the road work going on in the neighborhood. Idle talk really. After the ice is broken, I whisper a few words in his ear and he smiles. I offer him to see my apartment and he agrees. It’s a lame excuse to get him in a more private setting where I can loosen him up and we can talk.


Back at “my apartment” I sit him down and bring him a beer. Of course, it’s not really my apartment, but one made available to us by the police department.

“I hope you don’t mind that I slipped into something a little less comfortable” I ask him. He laughs. It’s a nervous laughter, because my partner is still there. However, I do my very best to make him forget that and I think I am succeeding. I tell him “Whisper your name to me” as a way to get close to him.


Our “victim” at this point doesn’t know what is happening to him, that we are actually police officers that are going to ‘pump’ him for information. Approaching him on the street he would not be possible to talk to, but here in our apartment he is a little more approachable – and me wearing a bra and panties is helping as well.

“Are you married?” I ask, getting him talking about himself. The shakes his head.

“This bra is uncomfortable – would you mind helping me out of this uncomfortable bra?” I ask him.

At this point he must think he is part of some bad porn movie or perhaps an even worse online illustrated erotic story site or something. Little does he know that I am still working to get him to relax.


He hands the bra to my partner.

“So what is this?” the victim asks. A just questions.

“I’ve just seen you around and think you’re kind of cute, maybe I could be your friend?”

The victim looks in the direction of Harry, my partner.

“Oh him, don’t mind him” I say “he is just this guy I hang out with”.

“But why would you want to be my friend?” the victim asks, trying his luck.

“Oh, I’ve seen you hang around with cool people, such as Bunyan”. I thought this would be a good time to bring up the drug dealer we’re trying to get information about.

“Bunyan? Sure, me and Bunyan go way back” the dude says.

I start unbuttoning his jeans and zip them down. “Let me help you out of these” I say and pull them off. Having his cock out, I have him where I want him. I lean over and give him a little peck on the mouth.


“I really think Bunyan is cool” I say. “What is his real name?”

The victim is surprised at the question. “Why would you want to know?” he asks.

“Well, I just want to know lots of stuff about him. Maybe you want to tell me something about him that I didn’t know, then I’ll be really nice to you”.

“But you’re already being nice to me” he says.

“Yes but, you know …” I say.

“What?” he says, as if he is the stupidest guy in the world.

“OK, so you can fuck me if you tell me his name” I say, although I have no intention to do that.

“Nice – just for his name – ok, jump on” he says. “No” I say “Give me his name first”.

“Hmm, why not. His real name is Jack Sweeper” the guy says. Hah, finally the information we came for.

“Ha! Harry, that’s it, we got what we came for. Mr., you can go now” I tell the victim.

“What? Are you guys cops!?” The victim says.

“Yeah, sorry dude” Harry says.

“Whoa – OK” the victim says “But our deal is still valid isn’t it. I mean, if I’m an informer that’s been given a deal, you should hold up your end of the bargain shouldn’t you?”

But me and Harry are surprised about this. I laugh it off. “Ha, in your dreams, buddy”.

Harry corrects me. “No, he’s right, we have to pay our informants, otherwise we will have no trust to get informants in the future. People have to know that whatever deal they strike with the police, it holds up.”

“OK” I say “So give him $100, that should be fair enough”.

“Nah, I’m not interested – we had a deal, you better hold up your end of the deal or I’ll tell everyone you can’t be trusted. You will never get information from anyone again.”

“You gotta do it” Harry says, backing up the victim.

I could see no way around it. Of course we have to keep our informants trusting us. “OK, I’ll give him a quick blow job”.


While I start licking the victims penis, Harry starts pulling down my panties.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I object. “You promised to fuck him, not just blow him”

“It’s OK, dude” the victim says. “Alright, but I’ll pull them off in case you change your mind” Harry says, being very helpful on my behalf, I must say.

“I think it looks like you wouldn’t mind if she rode you right now” Harry says. “Shut up, asshole!” I say. “Hey, we made a deal, we have to do or give what we promised”.

“Sure” the victim says. “You heard him” Harry says as he starts to position me on top of him. “Just point it in the right direction” Harry says to the ‘victim’.


The dude starts taking over and commands me to lie down on the floor as he takes me from behind. His penis goes so deep in me that it is reaching undiscovered territory.


He changes position again to something resembling missionary, meanwhile Harry seems to be helping out – more than he needed to, I think.


The guy lies back and I suck him till he cums in my mouth.

“Wow, thanks, that was great.” he says. I can taste his cum in my mouth. I don’t want to offend him by spitting it out. He says “This was definitely worth it. Jack Sweeper won’t mind, I’m sure” he says.

“Why do you think he won’t mind?” Harry asks. “Well, he was picked up by the cops this morning, so I’m pretty sure they already know his real name”


“What!? Really!?” I burst out! “Harry!!” I yell. “Ohh, I didn’t know that.”

I turn to the victim. “Well, do you have something else you can tell us then?”

The victim nods. “Yes, I think I might be ready to give you another piece of information in about 20 minutes or so… I just need to restore my energy first”.

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