Welcome to the dorm

We are always keeping an eye on the lists of new people moving into the dorm – specifically, we’re looking for girls that move in. The last few weeks we’ve been playing a little trick on them – well, to be honest, it only worked once before. The rest of the times we just laught it off as a joke.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. I wanted to tell you about this time when we saw a new girl had moved in and we went to her room.


“Welcome to our dorm” I said, as if we owned it.

The dorms consist of rooms with up to 4 people sleeping in each room. There is no gender bias at this college, so there isn’t one in the dorms either, the dorms are mixed.

“Welcome, I see you haven’t gotten around to reading the house rules yet” I said to her “that’s OK, we’ll help you out”.

My friend Joey was there with me, but just to see how it turned out, I did all the talking. I continued “You see, you cannot wear any clothes in the dorm rooms, not even pyjamas.”

This is when the girls usually go ‘get outta here’ or equivalent and the jig is up – but once before, we got the girl to get naked by citing a fake rule book. This girl didn’t react like that. Instead she replied “Really?”. Just what I liked to hear – with a little care, there was a possibility that I could pull this off.

“Yes, really? What were you going to do now?”

“Maybe read a book” she replied.

“Exactly. This dorm discourages people spending all their time in their dorm rooms, reading, chatting online and all that time waste – that’s why they decided that if you have to be naked in the dorm, you will want to spend most of your time out of the dorm.”

She just listened – didn’t respond. I continued.

“So I’m afraid I have to ask you to undress until you’ve unpacked your stuff and whatever else you need to do – when you’re done, you’re welcome to put your clothes back on if you’re going out.”


“Yes, go ahead”.

Amazingly, she started undressing.


After she had taken her skirt off, she looked over at us, we were still staring at her. “Do you have to stand here and stare at me, I’ll undress, I promise, there is no need for you to stand around like this to check on me.”

Amazing. She had believed every word I said. What a nicely gullible girl. “Well, you should get used to your room mates some times seeing your naked. That’s just the way we do it here. Go ahead.”

Without any hint of suspicion she continued undressing in front of us.


After she got naked and went about with her tasks, unpacking her bags, putting linen on the bed and so forth, I got a great idea. This was as far as we had taken it the first time around, but I got an idea on how to take it further. I whispered in Joey’s ear and he nodded. Then we both started taking our clothes off. That caught her attention and the naked girl looked over at us two naked guys. “Well, since we are also staying in the dorm now, we also have to be naked. The rules apply to everyone alike”. She was happy with the answer.

“Do you have one of these?” I asked and held out a bottle of lubricant oil. She shook her head. “No, what is it?”

“Seriously, you don’t have one!? Do you know how to use it?”

“I don’t even know what it is" she responded.

“You HAVE to know, it’s a matter of your safety, I insist we teach you right now. Joey, lie down on the bed”

He did. I took her hand and guided her to the bed. Now, lie down with your back on Joey. “Look closely at what Joey is doing with the bottle.” Joey put the oil on his own penis and put some on her ass hole. As he did, she twitched and looked up at me. In fact, I was holding her head and ‘helping’ her with her position on Joey so that my penis was ‘accidentally’ right in her face. I found that quite funny.


“Now, see what happens – Joey is going to put his penis in your ass hole. It’s going to feel a little weird at first.”

“Ow ow ow, he’s putting it in!?” she asked, confused. “Yes, calm down, it’ll be fine”. And it was – the effective lubricant gave her a minimum of pain and Joey took his sweet time to slowly insert his penis.

“See” I lectured her “That wasn’t too bad, but believe me, without the lubricant you would be in serious pain right now, perhaps even have real damage on your ass hole.”. She nodded.

“Good, but let me show you something else” I said “Put my cock in your mouth and you’ll see what I mean.”


With the help of my hand, her mouth was guided to my cock and while still sitting on Joey’s cock, she was sucking mine.

“The most important thing now, is that you pay attention to what is happening” I said. She nodded, with my cock still in her mouth. “You’ll thank us later, I promise you”. She nodded again.

I took my cock out of her mouth and went for her pussy. Hell yeah, full DP. She took it surprisingly well.


“Did you notice that?” I asked her, while now fucking her pussy. She nodded “Yes” while moaning from exertion. “Yes, see you didn’t need to use the lubricant for your pussy, just suck the cock and it will mostly be just fine. So only use the lubricant for your ass.” She nodded.

I saw no point in waiting and just went “all in”, so to speak, fucked her as fast I could and moments later, came in her pussy. Joey had already cum in her ass.

“So I hope you now know a little more about using lubricant for anal sex” I said to her. “But I never have anal sex, this was my first time” she said.

“That’s going to change” I said and smiled at her while I put my clothes back on. “See you tomorrow.”

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