What a dollar is worth

“You are evicting me for 10 dollars!?” Deana couldn’t believe her ears.


“I have lived here for 3 months now and paid my rent in full every time and I just need till tomorrow to get the 10 dollars” Deana said.

“Sorry” Carlos said “The rules here are quite simple, you pay on time or you move out. If you don’t pay, you are moving out tonight”.

“But it’s just 10 dollars!” Deana argued.

“Do you have the full amount for rent?” Carlos asked, knowing the answer very well.

“Well no – and it’s too late to get it now, my friends all live far away, they would never make it here in time.” Deana said, sharing her concerns with Carlos who was really not concerned.

“I guess you need to pack your bags then, don’t you?” Carlos asked rhetorically “Unless …”

“Unless what?” This peeked Deana’s interest.

“Unless you do the dishes. I’d pay you a dollar for it” Carlos said. “A dollar? That’s not much. How about I do the dishes 10 times next month and you pay me 10 dollars now”.

“Nahh” Carlos said “Do you want the dollar or not”.

Deana got up, rushed to the kitchen, did all the dishes and came back about 10 minutes later. “There, dishes done …” She was waiting for Carlos to tell her how to earn the next dollar. She had figured his game. Almost.

“You can earn another dollar if you pull down your shirt and show your tits” Carlos said.

“You jerk” Deana said, but pulled down her blouse. After all, it was a pretty harmless gesture. She was now just 8 dollars from her target.


“Good” Carlos said and Deana put her shirt back up. “Did I say you could cover up again? The deal was to pull your blouse down, we’re not done here …”.

Deana sighed and pulled her blouse down again, exposing her small breasts.

“For another dollar, you can take your pants off” Carlos said.

To play along – and because Deana was wearing panties under her pants, she obliged without much objection.


She was now just 7 dollars from her target, although she didn’t like the pace at which she was earning bucks.

“If you want to earn another buck, just take your blouse all the way off” Carlos instructed her, leaving her just 6 dollars from her target.

Deana considered herself lucky with this one, as her tits were already exposed, taking her blouse off wouldn’t make much of a difference, she thought to herself. However, she discovered that it did make her feel significantly more naked than before.


Deana just needed 5 more dollars now.

“I think you know how to earn the next dollar, don’t you?” Carlos asked. Deana nodded. “You want me to drop my panties, I guess” she asked.

Carlos nodded. “Sure, why not”

Deana dropped her panties and did a little headcount and realized she was still 5 dollars from her target and running out of bargaining chips.


“OK Carlos, you’ve had your fun, let it go now” Deana said.

Carlos laughed “Sure, I just want to take some pictures now – you get a dollar per shot”

Deana wasn’t happy that Carlos was going to have picture of her naked, but it wasn’t the worst way this could play out. 5 pictures for 5 dollars was an OK deal. “OK Carlos, take your pictures then and be done with it.”

Carlos pulled out a huge camera and took 1, 2 … 3 pictures. “And two more” Deana said impatiently.

“Nahh, this is enough, 3 pictures so that’s 3 dollars … you’re still 2 dollars short”.

“If you want to earn another dollar, get on the bed, I’m gonna fuck you”. Carlos said.

“One dollar!? Come one, that has to be worth at least 2 dollars to you” Deana said, as that would get her to her target.

“Nahh, just one dollar” Carlos said. Deana was almost OK to fuck for the last money, but she wasn’t stupid (maybe a little) and understood that it would still leave her 1 dollar from her target and Carlos would legally be able to evict her immediately unless she found a way to earn yet another dollar.

“You gotta promise me an opportunity to earn one more dollar then!” she argued and won. “Sure” Carlos said, get on the bed.

Reluctantly Deana got on the bed and Carlos crawled on top of her and started fucking her.


Carlos was enjoying the feeling of Deana’s tight pussy as he started thrusting his cock all the way into her.


However, Carlos wasn’t able to keep going for his usual 2 minutes, the foreplay had simply been too much for him and he stared cumming only seconds after pushing his cock into her. He emptied his cock into Deana’s pussy and slowly pulled out, cum gushing out.


Carlos lied down on the bed next to her and relaxed. Deana pulled his arm. “Hey, don’t forget about the last dollar”.

“Oh right” Carlos said. “My football team is waiting in the next room. They all want to fuck you too. They’ll pay you 10 cents each”.

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