What did you take from the mini bar?

“Miss Anderson, did you hear me. I need to know which products you have taken from the mini bar. We’ve had a mix-up in stocking, so everyone has to try to remember what they took.”


Miss Anderson couldn’t hear anything. She had just come back to the hotel from a night out. She hadn’t partly undressed before she went to bed. That was what she was wearing while she was partying in the city. She likes to provoke.

But now she was sleeping and drunk and couldn’t respond to anything anyone had to say. The hotel manager had no luck with his questions.

“Miss, I need to know if you used the special breast lotion that we put in your mini bar. Could you at least tell me that?”

When the hotel manager did not get a response, he had no choice but to investigate the matter himself.


“Ah, that answers it. Thanks Miss. It seems you DID use that cream after all. I will put that on your bill”

The hotel manager only did what he had to do. He had to figure this out now, because as soon as Miss Anderson woke up, she would be on her way somewhere else. She only booked the hotel room for the night.

“Miss Anderson, this is a bit embarrassing for me. You remember that problem you told me about. That your pussy wasn’t shaven and it had to be shaven this night, because you were going out … ?”

Still, no response, but the hotel manager felt obligated to ask.

“Well, Miss Anderson, I really need to know if you used that shaving cream so we can put it on your bill”

In the lack of response, the hotel manager had to take off her panties and check for himself.


“Hmm, that looks shaven to me. I’ll put that on your bill too”.

The hotel manager went through some pretty weird things in his daily life. This was nothing special. Often he had to check out these things for himself. Usually he would just look at the contents of the refrigerator and see what’s missing, but he couldn’t do that in this case, because of the special products she had ordered. But it WAS the common practice that the hotel personnel would check these things out themselves, instead of leaving it completely up to the guests to remember everything. That’s both good service and good for business.

“There was another thing, Miss Anderson. You wondered if there was anything we could do to help you with another personal problem. You told us you were into anal sex, but since you were so petite, it was always a problem to get the dick in there. We presented you with our ‘Mr. Slick All Night Long’ ass hole lubricant product, which you may or may not have used before you went out. The product promises to let any dick enter any ass hole in one stroke – and it promises to work for at least 12 hours. Instead of arguing whether you used it or not, it would be more appropriate to test it out. If it doesn’t work, either you didn’t use it or the product couldn’t do what it promised. In either case, you wouldn’t have to pay for it”.

The hotel manager paused to let Miss Anderson respond. She was told they had to know whether she used these products by 10 AM and she hadn’t said anything yet. It was almost 10 AM now. Luckily she had signed a release saying the hotel personnel could get this information in any way they deemed it appropriate. So the hotel manager took out his dick, slapped her pussy with it a bit, to get it stiff, and then tried to thrust it into her ass in one smooth movement.


Success! The product works. He successfully inserted the dick in her ass hole in one movement, just as the product promised.

“I’ll put that product on your bill too, Miss Anderson.”

For some reason, the hotel manager kept moving his dick in and out of her ass hole, going deeper on each thrust.

“Miss Anderson, I guess you would be wondering why I keep doing this, when I’ve already discovered that you should pay for the ‘Mr. Slick All Night Long’ … well, that’s because there is one more product that I need to test out before we are done. You told us you had to have some birth control pills, just in case. You knew that if you didn’t get them, and had sex with someone, you would be sure to get pregnant. Now, I don’t know if you actually used that product, but one way to find out, is if I cum in you now and you get pregnant, you weren’t using our birth control product, and you will get your money back.”

The hotel manager spoke as he switched between her her ass hole and her pussy.


The hotel manager knew he had to sort this out within minutes now. When the time passed 10 AM the release Miss Anderson signed would not be valid any more, and he would be allowed to investigate which products she had used and should be charged for.

“Miss Anderson, I will leave a note right here explaining to you why you will be filled with cum in a few minutes. I can’t think of any other way of being able to charge you for our birth control product”

The hotel manager looked at the time, and moved faster and faster until he finally came inside her pussy.


The hotel manager pulled out his dick and wrote the note as promised.

“Dear Miss Anderson

In addition to the other products you used, I will put the $1.95 birth control product on your bill, assuming you used it. But please contact us if you get pregnant. That’s proof that the birth control product either didn’t work or you didn’t actually use the product. In either case we will give you your money back.

Yours truly,
The Hotel Manager”

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