What’s up with my bodyguard?

My husband is always working and he told me never to ask him about his business and I think it’s because not everything he does is completely legal and some times he deals with some shady guys. Perhaps that’s why he assigned a full time bodyguard to me. Not that I have ever needed him, but my husband seems to startled at night when he hears a sound and it all just seems like he is waiting for something to happen.

My husbands behavior has made me as well look for strange things or things out of order, that could be some kind of hint that something is off. The one thing I have been looking into lately, is my bodyguard himself. Is he really who he says he is? Does he have some sort of hidden agenda? Who is he talking to right now?


One of the things that has made me suspicious is the fact that he doesn’t seem to “notice” me very much. You know, when a bodyguard is in your home, you cannot go around in your outdoor clothes all the time, it’s your home so you have to be able to be a little casual about it.

As it is the case here, when I am having a short conversation with my bodyguard just after I woke up.


I am just being casual but I still know how I affect men – or rather, how I should be affecting men, in this case the bodyguard who isn’t really responding to me the way I usually see other men do.

Wondering about this, day in and day out, while your husband is away, is not good for your mental health. Sure, I could ask my husband to look into it, but he has enough on his plate. I decided to take matters into my own hands and test him out a little. That way I would be able to find out what’s up with him.

“Help!” I yelled from the bathroom.


My bodyguard came running from the next room immediately. “Help” I said again “there was a sound from the window, I think”.

He ran to the window and looked out. “What kind of sound?” he then asked, after not having seen anything.


“I don’t know” I said. “I’m scared”.

“OK” he said “well, there seems to be nothing there now”.

“Can you just stay” I said “what if whatever it was comes back?”

He didn’t respond but nodded and stayed. “Thanks” I said and pulled my robe off. He caught a glimpse of me and then covered his face.


I went in the tub and after a while he asked “Will you be OK now, it seems the danger has passed”.

“No, please stay” I said. After a while I saw him looking at me in the tub. Whether it was curiousity on his part or just professional behavior, was unclear to me yet.


But in reality, this was telling me nothing. Was I any closer to understanding what kind of man he was, whether he had some hidden agenda or not. I had to find out more and I decided the only way was to find out if his reactions on this scene was that of a normal man or whether it was that of some freakish secret agent or hit man or worse.

If I didn’t know, I would eventually have to ask my husband to find a replacement. So in fact, he would lose his job unless I found out. I praised myself for the effort I put into saving this mans job.

“Get over here” I said and he came to the edge of the tub “now just stand here”. I pulled his pants down with limited objection from him and saw what I had expected and hoped. An erect cock, which I put in my mouth.


After sucking him, I put my ass high in the air. “I cannot tell you any details, but your job depends on you fucking me right now” I said to him.

He hesitated. “What? How!?”. He was clearly confused.

“I can’t tell you, but you will lose your job unless you fuck me”

He hesitated a bit longer, but then again, I did have my ass right next to his erect cock, so he did what came natural to him.


His cock went in with some struggle, but eventually found its way and he started fucking.

“OK, can you go a little faster” I said to him. “No, get on the floor, I will do it” I said. He got on the floor but then said “No, I can’t do this, you are my boss’ wife”

“You have to” I argued “If you don’t, you will lose your job and that will leave me unprotected. Your job is literally to protect me!”. With that he nodded and I got down on his cock. Finally I could control the pace and bounced on him faster than before.



“Oh no, I’m coming” he said.

“Me too!!” I said and screamed and continued fucking him. Right after I’d cum, I could feel his spunk being splurted in my pussy.

I got off, and put my robe back on. Suddenly I couldn’t understand why I’d had to do this. Was it really proving anything? Even if he was a secret agent or a hitman, he could just as well have fucked me. Oh well, I thought to myself, perhaps I didn’t learn much from this, but I tried my best to help my husband figure out whether there is something fishy about this guy or not.

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