Working out every day

I work out at the gym every day. And I mean EVERY day. No exceptions. I have done that for more than 2 years now, even during vacations. I do it late at night, just one hour before closing time.

Today when I arrived at the gym, I discovered that something had happened to my gym clothes. Maybe it was an accident in the washing machine or maybe it was someones idea of a joke. There were holes in my clothes.

I couldn’t accept the thought that I would miss out on the gym today and I could also not make it home and change. There was not way I was going to be able to work out in my tight office skirt and ruin my white shirt as well. Instead I decided a bold approach.

There was a hole in my shirt but I decided to paint my breasts white, the same color as the shirt. They would stick out, but I was quite sure that no one would notice.


It was bold and it seemed to pay off! No one really noticed. I also looked in the mirror and thought to myself that this was going to be OK. There was only about 5 people in the gym anyway this late at night, so likely that no one would even notice it and I would be able to finish my workout like every other day.

Oh yeah, I mentioned holes in my clothes – plural. Multiple holes. Can you see where the other hole is?


Yeah, I didn’t think so. It is completely invisible.

I was most nervous about that whole at first, actually, but when I looked in the mirror, it was clear to me that it was not going to be any problem at all. I just used a little makeup creatively and the problem was solved.

Maybe if you know what to look for and try to look in a different light, you might be able to see what is going on.


Can you see it now?

No? Look a little closer. Yeah, there it is.

My crotch had a big hole in it, right where my pussy would be. It is invisible, because of my natural black bush and then a little make-up to cover it up.


I did my normal workout and didn’t get any comments or any strange looks.

At one point I was lifting weight and I asked one of the other people at the gym to help me out. That’s completely normal if you don’t have your own spotter with you at the gym.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that during the course of my workout, some of the make-up had gone away and the material had stretched a little, so it had become more apparent that I had a wardrobe malfunction.


“Wow” I heard someone say and he pointed to me.

At that moment I knew the jig was up.

I had gambled and I had lost.

Now, I am not going to say I condone the behaviour of the guys in the gym under normal circumstances, but I do understand that these were definitely not normal circumstances.

They couldn’t help but accept the apparent invitation and cup a feel and fondle my pussy too. They tried also to grab my pussy, but couldn’t. That’s simply not possible, despite some presidents’ claim that they did it.


And you may think that I would be justifiably offended by what happened next, which is that the 4 guys in the gym there with me took their pants down and starting stroking their cocks.

Normally it would be very offensive for someone to show you their genitals, but I must admit that I really started it. I walked in there with my literal pussy on display.


I wouldn’t say that they raped me, but they didn’t exactly ask me what I had in mind either. They made certain assumptions and didn’t hold back on fondling me and take turns fucking me.

I think I did say “Please don’t” and they should definitely have stopped, but they just didn’t.


One by one, they started cumming on me, although most of them held out to get their turn at my pussy.

“Good workout today” the guy said, as he was cumming in my pussy. It wasn’t clear to me whether it was a statement or a question.


After the last guy had cum in me, a few of them went back to lifting weights but the rest hit the shower, and so did I.

It was unexpected how this workout turned out, but I was at least content that I hadn’t broken my streak of workout nights. And it also wasn’t the last time I decided to work out bottomless.

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