You Bet

I am a big sports fan and love watching basketball. I have said many times to my girlfriend that I could win a lot of money if I bet on sports. I always tell her when the game is over that “I knew it”. She doesn’t let me bet though.

But we both like to watch sports and one evening my girlfriend had brought along a friend (in the middle) “Susie” who she wanted to introduce to watching sport.

We sat in the couch and my girlfriend explained all the rules to Susie while we were watching the commentary and preparations from the game.

“And so you want to be on this, is that right?” Susie asked me. I smiled at my girlfriend. “You told her?”

“Yes, he always thinks he can win.”

“Well” Susie said “I happen to a math major and betting is about probabilities. I could easily bet better than you” she claimed.

“Don’t start with him” my girlfriend said. “Why don’t we make some bets.” Susie asked. “I set up the bets, I’m good at that stuff – if you don’t mind?” Susie asked my girlfriend.

“If you must” she said.

“We can bet $100 each time” I suggested. “Well” Susie said “I know you have money, but that would be a little rich for me. Why don’t you pay $100 if you lose and if you win, we will do a dare, OK?”

“Better yet” I suggested “Why not set the amount based on the dare?”

Everyone agreed that seemed fair.

“They are flipping a coin to see who is starting in a minute” my girlfriend said. “OK, I will get you a beer if it’s heads” Susie said “And I will pay you $5 if you win – ok?”

They flipped the coin and it was tails. I immediately handed over five dollars to Susie. “Well done”.

“OK, but I will win the next one!” I said. “The next player to make a foul is going to be Stephen Curry. That’s a 1 in 10 chance and I will give you $20 if you take the bet and I don’t win”

“And what if you do win?” Susie asked. “Well, you two can give each other a kiss on the mouth” I suggested

“Ha ha, you got it! A 1 in 10 chance, though”

However, just a minute later, Stephen Curry did indeed make a foul.

“You’re lucky!” my girlfriend said. “A bet is a bet” Susie said and they kissed each other.

“That was fun” Susie said “But we will win the next one.”

“David Lee will score a 3-pointer next” I said.

“What? He hasn’t scored a single time so far” Susie said. “Sure, but if you lose, you have to take your shirts up and show me your tits … and keep the shirt up until I tell you otherwise!”

“That’s crazy” my girlfriend said. Susie agreed “Yes it is … but the money should match it. How likely is it that David Lee will score a 3-pointer”.

“You have 5 seconds to make up your mind” I set.

“OK” Susie said “For 100 dollars!”. “Deal” I said quickly.

Moments later, sure enough, David Lee got a rare 3-point shot straight in the net.

Susie couldn’t believe it – but at the same time, she was faithful to the bet.

“Happy?” my girlfriend said “Can we lower the shirt now?”

“When I tell you” I said. I let them sit like that for a while in the couch.

“OK, you can take your shirt down and you get 200 dollars if you win this next one” I said. “Klay Thompson will get a penalty shot and he will miss the shot!”

“And that’s before anyone else scores? There is no way that will happen!”

“What if we lose!?” Susie said. We all knew we had to resolve the bet quickly because the game was still going on. “If you lose, then you both lose your shorts and panties!”

We made the bet and amazingly, I won again!!

They were in complete disbelief, but did as promised.

“Are you going to have us sit like this all night?” my girlfriend asked. “Oh no, just for the rest of the game”

“That’s it, I am not betting any more!” my girlfriend said.

“Come on, statistically, we are pretty much sure to win now with all his luck!” Susie said – a statement that was both mathematically and factually wrong.


“OK, I got it!” I said “Stephen Curry will fumble after the half time before anyone scores”

“Fumble!?” Susie asked? “Like drop the ball without anyone touching it and an opponent will pick it up”

“That’s … no one has fumbled in the entire game so far!” Susie said. And what if we lose?” she asked.

“Excuse me, I am not gambling.” my girlfriend reminded her.

“OK, what if I lose?” Susie said.

“Then I get to fuck you now on the couch – and you have to go down on my girlfriend too”

“Ha ha in your dreams. OK, you had us betting and you introduced me to this game, now I cannot back out. But the stakes are high” Susie said “So the reward should be high too. One thousand dollars!”

I took out a stack of hundreds from my pocket and put it on the table. “You got it”

After the half-time, Stephen Curry got the ball. As he was about to throw it, he dropped it instead and an opponent got it and ran off with it. “I cannot believe it” Susie said. “There it is!” I said.

She shook her head in disbelief and got down on the couch.

“Hah, I told you not to gamble with him” my girlfriend said and looked at me. “Thank you for including me in the bet” she said as she got on top of Susies mouth who was now licking her pussy. Meanwhile, I was guiding my cock to her pussy.

I pushed my cock into Susies pussy and leaned over and kissed my girlfriend. “Thanks for this” I said. “Happy birthday” she said back.

I couldn’t contain myself for long and started cumming in her. “You’re on the pill I assume?”

“Well, no, but … what are the chances?” she replied.

“I am not sure, but I don’t think you should be gambling for a while!” 🙂

Susie went to clean up and as she left, my girlfriend turned to me and asked: “How could Susie not have noticed that the game was a recording?”

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