You Got The Part!

My buddies and I decided about a month ago to start a production company. We put some ads out looking for actresses, for our first film. About a day later we got a few good prospects and set up some auditions for Saturday night.

Saturday night approached and Ben and Paul are going back and forth over the concept of a movie idea. I tell them to jot down there ideas and to discuss it with the actresses when they get here. Let the girls hear their thoughts and see what they are comfortable with.

Three girls were scheduled to show up at Frank’s place at 7:00 pm. The doorbell rang and there was a beautiful, tall, black girl with some amazing tits on her. She introduced herself as Ashley and I replied “nice to meet you” I’m Eric. Then I walked her in to meet the rest of the guys.


I figured the other girls were running behind and would show up soon. We decided to go on and talk about a few of the ideas the guys had.

Ben started with his idea about a group of sexy, hot, young babes who robs a bank to pay off their debt that their secret addictions have gotten them into. Paul barely waited until Ben was done before he shot off with his idea. Well, my idea, he said, is to have you girls doing some action, think about it a group of hot girls; no one expects them to kick some ass.

Ashley listened and nodded, and then said “those sound like good ideas, but I’m the only one here right now, what about a porno?” I’m sure all of our lips hit the floor. She continued, I mean think about it, I’m willing, they make good money, and I would love to fuck all of you guys right now.

My cock stood at attention at those words. We all nodded in agreement, well yeah, that does sound like a great idea. She saw our Camera and walked over to it, and said: “cut it on.”

Frank almost had a heart attack on his way over to set up the camera. He got it all set up and ready, and she walked over to the camera and started dancing. In a playful voice she then asked me to come over to help her unbutton her top.


I undid her blouse as she instructed, and then undid her Pink bra. Her titts popped out, and they were even better than what I had first imagined. I took my hands and slowly started to caress them one by one.

She gazed at me and told me to go ahead and suck them. My cock was beyond excited and, the other guys just watched in amazement.


As I sucked on her plump nipples, she let out a low moan. Then turned to the guys and told them there was plenty to share.

They gathered around, then she instructed us to get our cocks out, and we happily listened.
She took my cock in her mouth first. She made sure she took her time, slowly sucking my cock while sucking on my balls. Then she grabbed Frank’s cock at the same time and slowly jacked him off.

After a few minutes of exclusively sucking my cock, she went down the line and sucked us off one by one.

The slurping and wetness on my cock were driving me so wild; I couldn’t wait for her wet, creamy pussy to get on my cock.


We started to undress her completely, gazing long and hard at her hot body. She continued to jack us off and, Frank admired her ass.

I sat back watching the guys play with her, thinking who would have thought this would be the movie we chose.


Frank got her in a chair and put her legs way back in the air, giving the camera a great view of the action. Then he slid his cock into her wet pussy.

She moaned and yelled out “Fuck my tight little pussy.”

We rotated and then came my turn. I slid my throbbing, rock hard cock in her sweet little pussy, and I wanted to explode instantly. I had to hold it since after all this is a movie we’re shooting, and I have to save the best for last.

I slid my cock into her pussy, each time with more force.


Before we rotated again, I had to take in how tight her pussy fit on my cock, a little longer. I could feel her cream all over my cock. Her pussy was incredibly wet, and right before I got ready to bust my load and let the guys get back into her pussy so that they could bust theirs, the doorbell rang.


Fuck! The other girls had shown up, and we had forgotten all about them.

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