2 point minimum for sleeptrades

We are making this post public temporarily to explain the latest rules of sleeptrade. We no longer accept contributions with just 1 point. There is a new 2-point minimum.

For example, this is a good example of just 1 point. It’s good, sure, but it’s just 1 point and it’s no longer eligible for sleeptrade.

Here is how you can earn points:

Visible pussy: 1 point

As seen above.

Cumshot: 1 point

Here is an example of a cumshot and this picture would be only 1 point in total because there is no visible pussy.

Just to combine the two previous points to show a 2-pointer that would be validated and eligible. Because there is cum and a (barely) visible pussy.

Legs spread: 1 point

Visible pussy is just 1 point, but with legs spread it’s 1 more point, so that would be a total of 2 points and eligible for contribution.

Cum in pussy: 1 point

So cum is 1 point and cum in pussy is yet another point – and then with pussy visible and legs spread, this picture is actually no less than 4 points. Close to the maximum.

Public setting: 1 point

It is worth 1 point if it’s in a public setting. Of course, now it makes sense why 1 point is simply not enough to count as a contribution. We define the public setting losely. Pretty much as soon as it’s out of the bedroom, it counts.

Here is an example where it’s not clear how public it is, but it certainly still counts for 1 point – and then 1 more point for the visible pussy.

Another issue we had with the old rules was pictures like this one.

Sure, it’s a good picture. But then the author of the picture would get 1 point and take 100 pictures from different angles and get 100 points. That’s not the point.

So instead we are now introducing a new system where we give 1 extra point for a series. So if you submit 1 picture, you get as many points as that picture allow. And if you submit 1, 10, 100 or 1000 more pictures of the same situation, that gives you just 1 more point.

Series: 1 point

Here is an example of a series that is 2 points. There is visible pussy and it’s a series.

So this would be allowed in contribution before and also with the new rules, but now it would give 2 points no matter how many photos were in the series.

Under the new rules, we are welcoming the following users into the community, starting with 0 points but eligible to contribute and trade for more.

@darkmeat5566 has contributed this series, earning 3 points

(pussy visible, spread legs, series)

@mrjanex earned 3 points on this photo

(pussy visible, legs spread, cum in pussy)

An easy way to earn 3 points with a single photo.

@jakehandyman joins with another 3-pointer

I hope this clarified the rules and made it more fair for everyone.

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