A custom made office chair

“So these are some of the different designs you can choose from” one of the sales guys told Lizzie.


They had been at the company all day long, asking each employee about their preferences for office chairs. The company where Lizzie worked had ordered a custom made chair for every employee as an employee benefit. Of course, having comfortable employees is a benefit for the company as well. It’s a win-win situation, really – and the expense for the office chair was a one time cost.

Lizzie had never had a custom chair made for her and was excited about the prospect. She listened while the told her about how great they were at making a chair that was customly fitted to every person. They explained how they did this by measuring every detail about each person.

Lizzie had already been weighed before they even sat down. She hadn’t thought about the weight being a factor when sitting on a chair, but the sales people explained complex theories about the hardness of the spring in the chair etc. being weighed out against the weight of the person at a ratio of 12 to 1. Something like that. Lizzie hadn’t understood anything else than the fact that they were apparently very good at their jobs.

The sales people made additional measurements of Lizzie.


Lizzie was impressed with the level of detail of the measurements. One of the guys had to measure the exact length from the tip of her toe to the very end of her crotch. He was not happy with just an approximate measurement, so that’s why he had to measure that closely to Lizzie’s crotch.

At the same time, his partner was evaluating the density of her breasts. Before he did it, he of course explained the reasoning behind it, that hanging breasts would tilt the wait forward while more firm breasts would do so to a lesser degree. This would be a part in determining the optimal angle of the seat. Lizzie thought to herself that when he lifted and squeezed the breasts, his approach was rather unscientific.


When they had to finetune her weight measurements, they told she had to remove her clothing. They would have no way of knowing the weight of her clothing so they could only get her exacty weight if her clothing was removed. Just like it is at the doctor, she guessed. It made some sense.

The next thing that happened, caught Lizzie by surprise. When she was undressed, she suddenly discovered that the two sales people were also undressed. The whole operation had been professional up until now and at this point Lizzie was more curious to hear their next explanation than anything else.

“Did you have sex this morning?” one of the guys asked. Lizzie shook her head. “We need to measure your post-sex weight too” he then explained.


While Lizzie was still trying to figure out whether that made sense at all, they had already lifted her up on the table and were in the midst of fucking her. While one guy fucked her, another stuck his cock in her face and made her suck it.

“My weight changes after sex?” she asked. “Of course, and we need to take the median of your pre- and post sex weights into account while creating the chair for you” he explained as he kept fucking her.


“But I don’t understand” Lizzie said as they kept fucking her.

“What is it you don’t understand? We need to make you the best possible office chair”.

“But … “ Lizzie insisted “I don’t understand why you both need to fuck me”.

The sales guy explained “We also need to measure your weight after being fucked by two guys” he said to Lizzie. “But I never had sex with two guys at the same time, I don’t see how that could be relevant”.

“Well” the guy said “It could happen. It’s happening right now so it could happen again!”

Lizzie did not believe him. “I don’t think so … that’s crazy. You’re lying! I don’t believe you!”

“I don’t really care” the guy said as he came in her pussy.

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  1. Very funny.

    These two guys should open up their own exclusive ladies fashion store where they tailor-make all the clothes for the lady’s exact body size. They could even tailor-make ladies underwear. I wonder how they would get precise measurements when measuring up a woman for panties…

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