A Preview of the Future

Japanese pop culture is always a few years ahead of the world with game shows and music styles and many other things. So it is only natural to take a look at Japan as an indication of what the future might bring for the rest of the world.

Here is one of the up and coming new pop groups.


They have a unique sound and catchy lyrics and all the songs have a great chorus and usually in the music videos there is a celebrity guest star.

It’s as if they are orchestrating the whole thing using some recipe of making a popular pop group. And indeed they are! And so are all the other people who are engineering a pop group right now.

So everyone is constantly pressured to come up with something new to stand out.


Nudity got them some attention for sure, but it’s easily copied and honestly not that original. Dropping your clothes is an easy thing to do. Most people do it every day when they take a shower.

However, here they are shooting the music video that is going to make them famous and set a new trend in the industry.


It is well known that sexy music videos attract attention and usually the dancing with male and female dancers interacting is some sort of subtle sexual challenge.

What this group came up with was quite genious – make it less subtle.

The male dancers grope and touch the singers throughout the music video.


The really revolutionary scenes are yet to come, though. They show their love for each other through this ‘circle jerk’.

Now this is really something new – and uncensored! Scandalous. Surely it would not have stayed on Youtube, had it not been categorized as art.


And of course their infamous orgy scene. It got a lot of views and made this group the most popular group ever.


And their fans really enjoyed their music videos.

But also their live performances.

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