A tricky computer gamble

I had it figured out. This friend of mine, who just loves computer games, also had the character trait of being a gambler. That, along with his arrogance and belief in his own computer gaming skills, made him a good victim of a little trick.

Oh yes, we play computer games together, but through months of manipulation, I’ve let him believe that I’m no good at it.


Here we are, playing Tekken. I’m trying my best, or so it seems, but still letting him win. All the time claiming that I’m much better than him, but losing every time.

As I knew he is a gambler, I also knew that my repeated claims that I can beat him, would at one point make him want to make a bet with me. That was what I wanted. If I had initiated the bet, he would be suspicious, but if he suggested it himself, he would not be on guard about it. My objective of the betting was naturally to make some money. We started out betting only $5 dollars, but that was going to change quickly.

I lost and offered to make a buy-in with my shirt. This is part of my trick. Let me explain.


He liked what he saw. I was being casual about it, but playing more casual than I was. I was of course nervous about taking my clothes off in front of him – and for him it seemed like a ridiculous amount I did it for. Only $5. But I would now slowly lure him into a trap.

We sat down and played a little more.


I would show him that I had actually practiced, but never at any time show my real Tekken skills. See, I had actually practiced incredibly much and had even won tournaments against the best of the best. I was maybe one of the world’s best Tekken players, but I had never let my friend know this.

Instead I continued to pretend like I was losing. For the next bet, I suggested we played for $20. Would you believe it, I lost again. Of course, still on purpose. I was luring him into a false feeling of security, making him forget where he was. Not only was me losing another piece of clothing part of it, it would probably also make him less on guard.

I suggested I could make another buy-in with another piece of clothing.


This way, I would keep getting the bet amount to go up and up, without him really realizing it, and in the end, I would be able to make a great profit. The trick would be to keep losing while the bets were low and then finally win at the high bet.

As I kept taking off a piece of clothing, I would keep our balance at 0. That is what we agreed, but in his mind, he would be remembering the times he won and feel like he could take more and more chances in terms of the amount we would be playing for.

At the next round, I was really acting angry with myself, but acting confident I would now win. I insisted we played again, this time for $100, but my next buy-in would be to go naked.


As we played another round, my friend kept being very concentrated about his game. I also seemed concentrated, but I was concentrating not to WIN, because I could so easily beat him. But I kept playing a little bad, getting beat up in Tekken. This time I wanted the amount to be pretty big, but still not so big that I couldn’t actually pay it. I was gambling in a way too, this was not a sure thing. If he suddenly wanted to stop gambling, I would lose whatever amount I owed him at that moment. So I would keep losing on purpose for as long as possible and then make sure I win the very last bet.

This time we bet no less than $300 dollars. I could absolutely not bet more than that or I would simply not even be able to pay my rent for that month. So this was high stakes gambling. Even so, I wanted to still LOSE, that way I could make another buy-in, play yet another round and then win it really, really big.


I had lost – still on purpose. Luckily he accepted my next buy-in which was to go naked.

We sat down and played one more game. This was to be the last game. I didn’t owe him any money at this point, but now I was going to end it. I was going to bet big and then get the full winnings. I was aiming for around $1000 and hoping he would accept it. Then I would beat him as quickly as possibly in Tekken, so it would be obvious to him that he had been had.

He suggested something that made me change my mind. ”Let’s play for a blow job now and then next time, for a fuck” he suggested. Hmm, that would be two more rounds, I thoughts to myself – and I would have to blow him – but it would also mean much, much higher winnings. “Let’s play for $1000 for the blowjob and then let’s talk about the the fuck if I should win.”

It sounded tempting to me. Ok, I’d blow him a bit, but I would, if everything turned out well, get maybe $5000 out of it. Maybe even $10000. Let’s see how horny I could make him with the blow and then my winnings would maybe be ten times higher than I had hoped for.

I agreed. I hurried up losing. I was now owing him $1000 and was ready to give him my buy-in of a blowjob. “Sorry, I changed my mind, I’d rather have the money” he then said. “Hey, I’m gonna give you my buy-in!” I yelled at him, pulling down his pants. “I’m not accepting your buy-in, I’ll accept the money instead.”

I insisted and put his cock in my mouth.


“You’re accepting this buy-in, you got that!” I yelled, half muffled by the cock in my mouth. I was no longer thinking about winning a large sum of money, I was just thinking of not losing the $1000. I simply couldn’t pay it if I had to.

“Nope, still not accepting it” he said, even with his cock in my mouth. “Then I’m gonna stop sucking” I said, looking up at him. “Sure” he said “hand over the money, then”. I was not liking this control he now had over me. “Let’s play another game of Tekken, double or nothing” I said, challenging his arrogant ego. “Sorry, not interested” he just said.

“Ok, you can fuck me then for the buy-in” I said, looking for a way out. 2 seconds later, he had tilted me over and was wiggling his cock into me.


As he fucked me, he started laughed. “Ha ha ha, I knew you’re playing tournaments, that’s on public websites. Don’t you think I noticed that?”

“You bastard, you tricked me” I said. “Well played, I guess” I said, as he was still fucking me, “just don’t cum in me”.

“Too late”…

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