Afrodisiac Part 3

I had felt bad about seducing my dad friend all day, but the next morning, I could feel that I was feeling adventerous again. I didn’t believe at first that the drug would last for a full week, but going on the third day, I was still feeling very different.

That must have been why I was careless and went to a public stream in just a summer dress.


I was catching a lot of attention from men standing around. It was apparent I was not wearing underwear and the dress was getting a bit wet and more revealing. They could even see from the slit in the side that I was not wearing underwear. I was driving them crazy and loving every moment of it.

As if I wasn’t getting enough attention, I slipped the wet dress off when I lied down to sun dry myself.image

I even touched my breasts and let my legs slide to the side. The effect this had on the guys watching was actually surprising. None of them dared to approach me, they were too surprised by the situation.

“Would you like some company?” a guy finally said, 10 seconds later.

I nodded. “Can you help me with this?” I said and put a hand on my pussy. He put his hand on my pussy and tingle went through my body.


Instantly, I could feel my pussy getting dripping wet in anticipation of what was going to happen. The dude noticed and looked at me with a surprised puzzling look. It was a kind of “is this for real?” look and I just nodded at his implied question.

“Go for it!” I even said, to remove any doubt in his mind. He didn’t allow me to change my mind and put his already stone hard cock in my slippery wet pussy.


I looked around for a moment, thinking about the fact that I was in public and getting fucked by a stranger, but was quickly overcome by the amazing sensation of his cock in me. He fucked my wet pussy and I could feel that nice feeling in my tummy that meant my orgasm would soon be coming. But it didn’t! He already came in me and left before I even got my much needed orgasm. What a jerk!

I was so disappointed that I took my dress and left right away. I was going to have to find a better way to satisfy my thirst.

To be continued …

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