Afrodisiac Part 4

After visiting the doctor, I had an insatiable thirst for sex. I hadn’t been able to satisfy it yesterday and was very eager to make sure to satisfy it today. I had just a few days left of the drug effect and I knew that I wanted to satisfy this thirst while the drug was still in effect.

I had called my dad’s friends son and asked him to bring his friends. I told them with enough sexual innuendo that I had a surprise for them. They didn’t what I really wanted, but it was enough for them to show up.


“Hi guys” I said. The guys were standing around, not knowing what to do. Apparently waiting for that surprise I had indicated I had for them.

“Take off your shirts and pants and get over here”.

The guys were still standing around, looking at each other, until I said “NOW” which made them all move in a twitch towards me.

They each took off their clothes until they were standing awkwardly in their boxers.

“Let’s see what you have there” I said an lowered each of their shorts.


Under their shorts I found three big black erect cocks. With 4 guys and just 3 erect cocks, I knew what had to be done and put the 4th cock in my mouth until it was hard. This time I was not going to run out of cock before getting my orgasm.


Satisfied with having 4 hard cocks around me, I lost my panties as fast as I could.


I got down on the couch and commanded them to fuck me.

One of them went directly to fuck me and met with his cock, my dripping wet pussy. Another guy put his cock in my mouth and I sucked it to ‘keep it warm’, to make sure it would be ready to fuck when this guy was done.


I was getting fucked and getting orgasm after orgasm, even while only fucking the first guy. I was in nirvana, couldn’t wait to get all the lovely cocks into me.

This drug was really having a profound effect. I was already being fucked and even then was thinking of the next fuck. I screamed in ecstacy when he came on my tits and waved the next guy to come to me.

They each sat on the couch and I jumped on them.


This I liked! I could jump from cock to cock, pump it empty of cock and keep each cock hard with my hands. I fucked the first guy, went on to the next and could hear them groaning as they each came in me.

When I had fucked them all dry, I was finally satisfied. There was still another day left of the drug and tomorrow was my appointment with the docts. This night I slept great and the next morning I went to meet the doctor.

When I met the doctor, I told him the drug had a profound effect on me, but that I wasn’t sure I would keep taking it, because it made me do things I would otherwise not do.


I had fucked more guys in this one week than I had before in my entire life.

“But maybe I can get some of the drug home with me and take some if I change my mind?” I asked. The memories of the wonderful sexual experiences were great and I was tempted to try going through a craze like that again. The drug had lost it’s effect now and I was kind of missing it.

That’s when the doctor said something I had not expected. “The drug you took was a normal saline solution with a little colour. It was a placebo. It had no effect!”. I was speechless. He said “It was all you – however you acted when you thought you were under the influence of the drug, is the true you and you should respect that!”

This was the first day of the rest of my life.

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