My ordeal started when I went to the doctor. He asked me about my habits and other things that seemed relevant to my health, and him being a doctor, I didn’t think anything weird of the fact that he asked me about my sexual habits and experience.


I told him the truth, that I lost my virginity when I was 17 and haven’t had sex ever since. That is 5 years ago now. He asked me whether I was afraid of sex now, but I answered that I wasn’t. I just haven’t met a guy that I want to have sex with now. I am quite content.

“I need you to undress now”. The doctor turned his back and scribbled on his pad. I got up and dropped my gown. He turned around and investigated my body with this hands.

“Do you feel self conscious about your breasts” the doctor asked me.


I shook my head. “Not more than anyone else, I guess” I said. “Well how do you know how self conscious anyone else is?” he asked me. I didn’t respond, simply I didn’t know the answer.

“Hmm, you need a pinch of Sildenafil Femininus” the doctor said. “This will help you” he said and took a little flask. He poured a little into the bottle top and gave it to me. “Drink this and you’ll improve”.


I drank it and it tasted kind of sour. I didn’t know exactly what it was or why I had to have it, but I trusted my doctor and knew he had his reasons. I was right, of course.

Apparently I dozed off after drinking the drug. When I awoke, my arms and legs were tied and I was lying down.


I tried to speak and then discovered that I was gagged too. I couldn’t move at all. A leather strap was holding me down, but that was really unneccesary as I couldn’t move neither my feet nor arms.

I could see the doctor taking his pants off and coming over to me. His penis was erect and he was standing between my spread legs. I couldn’t do anything, I was completely helpless. The doctor told me “I have given you an aphrodisiac. You will feel an uncontrollable urge to have sex for the next week. You will discover you are completely unable to say no. You should not try to say no, just go with it. The drug will last for one week, after which time you can come back for more if you wish.”

I couldn’t respond, still being gagged, but I could feel my pussy starting to drip. It was getting extremely wet in anticipation of the doctor’s cock so close to me spread pussy. I could feel what must’ve been the drug taking effect. Then, finally, the doctor inserted his cock in me and started fucking me. God it felt so good.


It never felt this good the first time. My whole body was loving the sensation of the cock inside me. He kept fucking me and observing me and I could no longer control myself. I wanted his cock in me. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me” I mumbled through the gag. Not sure if he could hear me, but he could hear my breath quicken and my moaning get louder. He just kept on fucking and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I had a massive orgasm that ended in a long muffled scream.

He came in me and although I had already orgasmed, I was really wanting much more. This drug had worked wonders. He untied me, let me get dressed and told me the first treatment was free, but he would have to charge next week when I came back.

I know I should feel violated after this treatment, but I was feeling so good after having the most amazing sex of my life, that I was not at this time sure that I would not want more of that drug.

To be continued…

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