Am I to Blame?

Probably the answer is yes, but before you tell me what you think, just hear me out.

I am a teacher at college and I know what you think immediately, this is a story about me fooling around with one of the students and I shouldn’t do that. No, I know, but again, hear me out.

So I was supervising this student who had missed the main exam and had to take the backup exam. She was the only one who missed it, so it was just her and me there.


I was trying to look at something else, but once in a while I glanced at her.

You would have too, believe me.

So she was wearing this super short top and her boobs were almost falling out from underneath it.


Yeah, are you getting it now. How am I not to look at this over 18 year old girl sitting opposite me while I have nothing else to do.

She also didn’t make it easy for me. She raised her hand at one time with a question and her blouse rode up.


She didn’t notice or didn’t bother to pull it back down.

“Yes I have a question. So it says name here …”

“Yes, miss, your name – your first and last name. Write that”.

“Oh OK, thanks”


As I sat down again behind the desk, my cock was rock hard.

Of course it was.

There I was. Behind a desk. Hot girl in front of me. Let me repeat that. Behind a desk. With nothing to do.

Yes, I pulled out my cock behind the desk out of sight of the girl and started masturbating, just a little …

I must have stopped paying attention to her for a moment, because suddenly I found her standing next to me, handing her assignment to me. “That’s as good as it gets today” she said.


And then she looked down and saw my cock out.

“Oh Mr.!” she just said.

“I’m sorry. I was just waiting you know … waiting to … you know” I mumbled.

“Yeah, I know” she said and paused for a moment. “Now I know this assignment deserves a C, but maybe it could be a B or even A” she said.

I figured she was going to blackmail me by threatening to tell what she had caught me doing. But she was going to catch the fly with honey instead.

Moments later I found her sucking my cock. That would do it.



As soon as she put my cock in her mouth, I started cumming in her mouth.

“Wow Mr. that was fast, that’s a new record for me”

Clearly it was not her first blowjob.

And then it was all over. I didn’t even get a chance to change my mind. That was it.

“Wait a minute” she then said “How do I know you will actually give me that B?”

Before I could think about it, she gave a suggestion.

“Quickly, take a picture of me while I am sucking your cum off your cock, that will be proof of what happened here today!”


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