Anandi the American – Part 5

Later that evening, Anandi and Linda was going out. They had changed clothes and soon after, a car came to pick them up and take them to the party. John and Carrol was in the car and they were all going to some house party.


Anandi was feeling very sexy in Linda’s denim outfit. She was not wearing a bra and, it’s not visible if you don’t know it, she is not wearing underwear either. This was a first for Anandi.

“Anandi is so cool, aren’t you Anandi?” Linda said. “I guess” Anandi said.

“You know what Anandi did – I have to tell them, OK Anandi? She left her panties at home. That is sooo cool Anandi! Sorry, I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell them”. Anandi acted cool after Linda’s revelation.

“You don’t believe me, John?” Linda asked. “It’s true! Go ahead and show them” Linda told Anandi. Hesitantly she spread her legs a little and made it apparent to everyone in the car, and probably some outside the car too, that Anandi was not wearing panties today.


“Anandi, you look a little uncomfortable – you know what I think you need?”

Anandi didn’t know.

Linda whispered something in John’s ear and he nodded at whatever she had said. Then he went down between Anandi’s legs and started licking her pussy.

Anandi resisted at first, but Linda encouraged her “Come on, he’s giving you a present – take it!”


Anandi got that familiar tingling in her tummy again. The one she had the first time she ever had an orgasm. Now she was feeling another one coming – then she heard Linda announcing “We’re here!”

Anandi was actually disappointed. She’d let this guy lick her and all she got was wet and excited, nothing else. No release.

The party turned out to be very boring, they just sat around, drinking and then after an hour, they got so bored that they went home again.

After arriving home, Linda announced what everyone was thinking. “That was a boring party. Let’s have our own fun!”

To be continued

3,767 thoughts on “Anandi the American – Part 5”

      1. Sometimes I think I prefer these short installments of a longer story that plays out over a week or so, like the Illusex classics about that tennis pro or Rachel from “Friends”. Something about the slower pace makes them more erotic than a one-page quickie.

        Well, most of the time anyway. “Wearing a short skirt” is still my favorite. 😉

        1. I tend to agree with you, except that when there is a series that I’m not very excited about, I get a little disappointed when there are new installments of that series rather than a fresh story. I’m certainly not complaining, but variety is appreciated as well.

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