Anandi the American – Part 8 – Facebook

Anandi turned down her wild life for a while, but still hung out with Linda. It was also Linda that introduced her to Facebook.


“Now that you have a profile, all you need are some friends. They will be able to see your private pictures”.

”Private pictures, I don’t want any pictures of me on the internet” Anandi said. Linda explained the whole thing to her. “Yes, it’s on the internet, but not like that, it’s YOUR pictures and only friends that YOU pick will be able to see the pictures.”

Anandi listened as Linda explained more about how it all works.

“Now, let’s find me from your facebook and befriend me. Let’s put a nice private picture on your profile now. Look this way and sit with your legs like that. Great!”


“This picture is great, let’s put it on facebook and make it private”.

Linda transfered the picture to Facebook on Anandi’s account and changed the privacy settings to private. “Look, this is your public profile, I put a picture up of you”.


“But see here, now I login as myself and I’ll be able to see your private picture”.

Linda showed the private picture and Anandi was appalled. “I don’t want my picture seen by anyone on the internet” she said.

“Don’t befriend anyone unless you want them to see your private pictures, then”.

“But … I don’t want ANYONE to see the pictures” Anandi protested. “Then don’t befriend anyone, it’s as easy as that” Linda said.

Anandi nodded. “OK – but really, I don’t want anyone to see them”.

“Fine” Linda said “Just when I thought you were cool …” she mumbled.

5 days later, Anandi was getting a little more used to Facebook. She always logged in from Linda’s place, but all she saw was Linda’s updates and public ones. Pretty boring. She thought, seeing that John and Carol had seen her give a blowjob (and John even received one), she might as well befriend them too on Facebook.

The next day, she saw a status update. At first she thought she didn’t see it right, but then looked again. It was a status update from herself. It read “Come to my house tonight, I’ll put on a show for you”.

She immediately removed the message, then called Linda and told her what happened. “Really? Well, your Facebook account must have been hacked. I left it on here when I had some friends over, maybe they put the status message on for fun. Come over tonight and we’ll sort it all out. I promise”.

Anandi came to Linda that night, cursing herself for agreeing to create a Facebook profile. When she arrived, Linda, Carrol, two girls Anandi recognized as Linda’s friends – and one strange guy.


Anandi had a smoke, a little habit she picked up from Linda.

“Meet Tom, he saw your status message on Facebook.” Linda said. Anandi gave a nervous “Oh, hello”. Linda asked Anandi to come to her bed room to help her powder her nose.

“OK Anandi, you should really put on a show for this guy, I think, like you promised on Facebook”.

“But I didn’t! Someone else wrote that” Anandi protested.

“Yes, but this guy doesn’t know that. Come on, it’ll be fun. Like old times” Linda said, referring to the fact that they hadn’t done this sort of thing for weeks. “I guess” Anandi said while Linda was already throwing a skirt and net stocking at her to wear. She kept her green blouse on.

When she came out, she kept smoking and decided to take control of the situation. “So Tom, I promised you a little show, well this is it”.


Anandi had lowered her blouse and let her breasts hang out.

“Nice!” he said and downed his beer. “You’re so awesome”.

Anandi just sat there with her breasts out, while she, Linda and the others kept on a conversation and Tom was getting mighty uncomfortable, obviously having an erection in his pants.

“You wanna help me with this” Tom asked brazently, referring to his boner. “Sorry Mr., it’s not going to happen” Anandi answered.

Tom took in the reply and sat an moaped for a while. He got up, seemingly to go to the bathroom, when he came back he was smiling. “At least I got a nice picture to remember the night” he said. Apparently he had taken a picture of Anandi while she didn’t think he was there, sitting there with her breasts on display.

“No, delete that picture right now!” Anandi demanded. Linda kind of laughed, not being too loyal to her friend. “Nahh, I think I’m gonna keep it. Unless of course you would give me a little service, I’ll gladly delete it then!”. Confident that he would get what he wanted, Tom whipped his cock out of his pants and made it available to Anandi.

“Give your phone to Linda” Anandi said. Tom did and Anandi did what Tom wanted.


She sucked his cock, and Tom was happy – for a while.

“Ahh, that’s so good”.

Anandi did her best to suck his cock as payment for removing the picture he took of him. Linda was looking at the camera and was ready to delete the picture. “OK, I’m deleting the picture now” Linda said. “Wait” Tom said “Not yet, sit on my dick!”. Tom sat on the couch and invited Anandi on to his dick. Anandi looked at Linda, waiting for her response.

“Well, it IS his picture, I can’t just delete it without his permission, can I?”

Anandi still didn’t react. “Here, have another smoke and get it over with” Linda said. Anandi did as suggested on got down on Tom’s cock.


As she slipped down onto his cock, Tom went “Oh yeah, that’s it, you definitely won the picture back now”. He put his hands on her hips and moved her up and down on his cock. With that perfect position, it didn’t take him long to climax and he came in her.

“OK?” Linda asked Tom. “Hell yeah!” he said and with that, Linda deleted the picture.

Anandi left for the bathroom and came back fully dressed. “It’s deleted?” Anandi asked Linda. She nodded. “Good – Now I gotta go. Bye!” Anandi said coldly. It was obvious she had gotten enough of the whole thing, it was very unlike her to just leave like that.

After Anandi had left, Linda knew that her fun with Anandi was probably over. However, Linda couldn’t help but think about all the pictures she had taken of Anandi through the last many weeks. She had also deleted them, just as she had promised Anandi, but Linda had remembered not to delete the backup pictures. She had 100s of pictures in backup of Anandi in compromising positions, with boobs flashed, her pussy on display in public and even a few blowjob and sex pics. To think about what Anandi was willing to do for just one revealing picture, Linda got wet from thinking about the fun she could have with 100s.

The end

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  1. I know I request to much but can you do a 6 part series about a highschool or college teacher/professor who flirts with a student ?

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