Assisted bath

I was staying at a hotel for work. After 2 long days of attending a conference, I wanted to see what the spa of the hotel had to offer. I stumbled upon something called an “assisted bath” and I was curious about what it would be. I was too shy to ask about the details of it, so I just ordered it and figured I would see what it was soon enough.

I was told to show up in the spa area and enter the “assisted bath” area at 9 pm. When I entered, a gorgoeus black nude lady received me. “Welcome, I will be your assistant for your bath today” she said “you can’t wear your clothes while you take a bath” she explained and started to help me get undressed.


My assistant started explaining and made it very easy for me by saying that I really don’t have to think about anything, she will do everything. As long as I just follow her instructions, it’s all good.

There are some ground rules you have to follow. First of all, I help you, you don’t help me, so no touching of any kind. The only reason I’m nude too is because to properly assist you, I need to go in the bath with you and there is no swimwear allowed.

She made sure I understood everything and moments later we were standing nude together.


Please follow me into the shower. Before starting the bath, we need to get cleaned up a bit, so we need to rinse you and soap you up completely.

The shower is this way – if you need to use the bathroom, this is your last chance before we get started.

I had already thought of that before coming down so I just shook my head.

OK, stand in there under the shower. No no, don’t touch the tap, I’ll turn on the water when it’s time for that. Just be there. Here is a bit of water, I’ll put soap on you now.


I am covering you in soap now, just relax and let me do my work. No need to help me and remember, this is a bath only for you, so there is no need to put soap on me.

Turn your back now, please, I’ll soap you up good there.

Move your feet a little. Yes, to the sides, like that. Yes.

She crouched down and started soaping my legs and ended up at the very top of my legs.


We need to get everything totally clean, just relax.

She took great care to soap up everything and paid special attention to take care as she was soaping up my balls and penis. I could feel it hardening up a bit, but she didn’t say anything. Neither did I.

After cleaning my balls and penis, she grabbed my penis and started slowly moving my foreskin back.


Very, very carefully, she would use a very soft sponge to clean under my foreskin. She was thorough and might have moved my foreskin back once or twice more than necessary, I thought.

My penis was now standing completely erect, but she didn’t take any notice of it.

OK, we’re all done here. The bath should be ready for you. Just get in and I’ll be right behind you.

I got into the bath and she sat on the ledge behind me and cared for me. Heavenly.


I think I almost fell asleep while in the hot soapy water and the gentle hands caressing my body. I kind of snapped out of being half asleep when I felt her hand on my penis again. Only now I noticed she was in the bath with me. It felt amazing, but she was just putting her hands all over my body and the turn had now come to my penis.

I wasn’t sure for how long we’d been in there, but I had a feeling it was for a long time, because she asked “How did you like the bath?”. “Loved it” I responded “Are we done already?”


The bath is done, but your session is not completely over yet. Please get out of the bath, but take your time. Stay here for a few minutes if you wish. Lie on the mattress when you’re ready.

I got up after a minute and lied down on the mattress. Moments later she joined me and started applying oil on me.


Being totally relaxed, her hands touching my body felt very good. She took her time and started moving from slowly applying the oil, to gently massaging me.


I’ll now sit on you. It’s time to massage your back. Please tell me if I’m too heavy for you.

I kind of nodded without saying anything. She say down on me and started massaging my upper back and neck,


After a while she leaned down on me and continued to massage me. I could feel her nipples touching my back and although they didn’t provide much pressure, it felt really good.


Please turn around.

She sat up on her knees and pulled my left shoulder, helping me to turn around. After I had turned around, she rested on my again and continued to massage my front side.


I could feel her ass move against my penis from time to time as she moved to massage my front side.


You need to really relax now, it’s important that you do not move and do not start thinking, just relax.

She slowly scooted down furhter on my legs and massaged lower and lower on my chest, until she, as before, reached my penis and started giving my penis a massage as well.


She stopped caressing me penis and moved further down.

Please close your eyes.

I closed my eyes and just relaxed. I then felt something very nice on my penis. I kept my eyes closed, but couldn’t keep my breathing down.


I opened my eyes ever so slightly, so she wouldn’t notice and I saw her sucking my cock. I quickly closed them again so I wouldn’t ruin the moment.

I could feel that I was getting closer to cumming and I sensed that it must be what was meant to happen, the way she was going to town on me.


However, she sort of slowed down and allowed my breathing to slow a little. She sucked my cock a bit more and then she stopped, carressed my cock with her hands a bit and then she got up. She sat by my head and started massaging my forehead and the rest of my head for a few minutes.

“OK, we’re all done, I hope you enjoyed your assisted bath”.

She opened the locker to my clothes and left immediately. I got dressed but my penis stayed erect. When I came back to my hotel room, I couldn’t help but masturbate. I masturbated for exactly 5 seconds before I came more than I’ve ever cum before.

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