Barcelona won!

I had won against my friend. We had bet on the football game between Barcelona and Real Madrid and Barcelona won! That means, I won! We had made a bet where I would have to pay him $100 if he (Real Madrid) won and if I won (Barcelona) he would let me fuck his girlfriend.

Well, as it happened, I won! So here I am with his girlfriend now.


Oh, maybe I should explain how I came to sit here with his blindfolded, handcuffed girlfriend. Well, after I had won, my friend kind of tried to go back on the bet. I asked when I was going to fuck his girlfriend when he said “Well, I would let you if I could, but there is no way she would allow it”. That’s when it went into a discussion of HOW she was mdae into allowing it, rather than WHETHER.

After much discussion we came up with this plan.


As I pulled her panties off, I thought about how clever this plan was. My friend had, over a couple of weeks, convinced his girlfriend it would be really hot if she got blindfolded and handcuffed while they had sex. At first she was confused about it, but my friend when on about it, and whether she agreed because she liked the idea or because my friend simply wore her down, I don’t know, but here I am now, pulling her panties off.

See, what happened is that after blindfolding and handcuffing his girlfriend, my friend left the room and I entered.

A risque maneuver, but one that seemed to work. His girlfriend started talking, perhaps about what they were going to do next – I’ll never know, because I made sure to keep her mouth busy with something else.


I knew that if I spoke, I would be exposed. It would be obvious to his girlfriend that it was someone else in the room with her, that’s why I had to stuff my cock in her mouth that fast. I had no other choice, really.

After she had stopped wanting to talk and was getting into it, I let her take a break with her mouth and enjoyed sucking those sweet little nipples of hers.


It was a bit weird that I would just keep quiet throughout the whole thing if I was really her boyfriend, but if I kept my mouth busy, it wouldn’t be weird, she would know why I wasn’t speaking and, by the sound of it, it seemed like she enjoyed it too.


I went down on her too and felt her twitch and turn, enjoying every moment of it, as I did.

“Come on” she said. I didn’t know her, but I guessed what that meant. It meant she was ready to be fucked, nay even asking for it. “Come on” she said again and I just had to comply 😉


She was so wet, my dick slipped right in. Sure, my dick, although not the biggest, was a tight fit in her little tight pussy, but it was so wet that it offered virtually no resistance at all.

I forgot about who she was, who I was or who my dick was and just started fucking her. I let out whatever sounds I would make and didn’t think of the fact that my groaning and moaning sounds were probably not the same as those of my friend.

I could see her taking her blindfold off. I didn’t know how she would reach if she saw it was not her boyfriend fucking her – and I didn’t WANT to know, so I had to try something. I fucking her as quickly as I could, got to the point where I was cumming and JUST as she was taking her blindfold off, I was in the midst of cumming on her chest and face.


She did what any good girlfriend would do and lick the cum off my cock. She had still not looked up and didn’t know it was me.

She was just about to look up, when I shoved my cock down her throat. I had to. She sucked it dry and after I pulled out, she reached for the paper towel. That’s when I saw my chance to leave. Before she could see me, I was already with my back to her, leaving the room in haste.

My friend was in the other room and went into the room when I went out.

“Where did you go?” I could hear her girlfriend ask.

He didn’t respond, but she then said “Really?”

I peaked out. It was obvious she was referring to his cock which was fully erect. “You’re ready again!? That must be a new record!”

He went immediately to her and started fucking her (apparently he couldn’t wait another minute)


When I saw that through the keyhole, I snook through the living room and out to the hall, put on my shoes and jacket quietly and left silently through the front door.

Wow, what an evening. Not only had I had a wonderful fuck with my friends girlfriend, I had also, in the eyes of my friends girlfriend, made my friend into a legend for being able to fuck her again just minutes later.

Only problem is, that from now on she might expect that from him. Hmm, we would have to look for a solution for that…

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