Blind blackmail

Let me tell you a funny story that started one afternoon that I was bored. I decided to send out 100 texts to 100 random numbers. The text I sent out had these words.

I know your secret …

Of the 100 texts I sent out, I only got 5 responses. Four of them were quite useless, containing just “fuck you” or something like that.

However, one response was kind of interesting. It was only one word.



I decided to have a little fun with this person and said I wanted a picture of the person. The person responded back with a picture and I saw it was a young woman and I decided to have some fun with her.

Meet me behind the hill at noon or I will tell your secret to the world.


Again, I only got one word back.


Come noon, I saw her waiting for me on the hill.


She had not expected to see a bunch of guys, she probably thought it would just be me there.

“How did you know?” was her first question to me.

Little did she know, that I had no idea who she was or what her secret was, but I was obviously not gonna fill her in. Not in that sense, anyway.

“I will tell you soon enough. First show me your bra … or I’ll tell your secret to everyone I know”.

Considering how quickly she complied with my request, it must have been a really serious secret.


“Good – now lower your bra and pants” I commanded her.

“No, not unless you tell me how you knew my secret!” she argued back.

I guess I had to give her something, but I decided to keep it cryptic.

“OK, I’ll give you one hint” I said. But first, drop lower your bra and pants.

She did as I asked and then demanded to get my hint. However, I was not going to let her get it that cheap. “Your underwear too – that’s what I meant when I said pants. Lower it all.”

Reluctantly she started lowering her underwear too with a bunch of guys looking at her, giggling amongst themselves.


“Now, what is the hint?” she asked.

“It was a coincidence” I told her.

“What?” she said “What kind of hint is that? Who told you?” she demanded to know.

“Hey, did we agree on one hint or two hints? You have to play by the rules”.

All 5 of us came up to her and started taking our cocks out.


“Suck them” I commanded her.

“And you’ll give me another hint?” she asked. I couldn’t think of anything, so I decided to use other means to convince her. “You already got one hint – just be happy that I don’t tell your secret to everyone right now”.

That worked. She nodded and starting sucking our cocks.


I lied down on the ground and told her to sit on me.

She did it reluctantly but made a request at the same time. “So will you then tell me how you found out”.

“I will tell you” I said. “I will tell you everything I know and I will never tell your secret to anyone – but only if you stop asking questions now and do what you’re told”.

That offer was too tempting to ignore for her, so she started fucking me right away.


Her tight pussy felt great around my cock.

I felt bad for the other guys, that they didn’t get to fuck her. On the other hand, I didn’t want to give up my sweet spot.

Instead I got the great idea, that the other guys could fuck her in the ass.

“In the ass!?” she said. I just looked at her, lifting my eyebrows. She remembered our agreement and let the other guys slowly stuff their cocks in her ass, one by one – not at the same time, of course.


I guess her ass felt good too, because it wasn’t too long before I heard one of the guys cumming in her ass. Another guy didn’t care and fucked and came in her ass too.


I couldn’t help myself either and finally came in her pussy.

The two remaining guys jacked off in her asshole too and we left crotch covered in cum.


She lied on the ground, exhausted, while the rest of us were getting dressed. “So … are you going to tell me?” she asked. “Yes, but you’re not quite done – first tell your secret to me in your own words”.

“But … why? … you already know so …”

“Yes” I interrupted her “but I want to hear you tell it anyway … or I’ll tell your secret to everyone I know”.

“Well OK” she said. “Recently I was tricked into a gang bang in a bar and ever since I’ve been very afraid that my friends would find out. Thanks for not telling anyone”.

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